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Thread: Occulus, the Eye Beast WIP

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    Occulus, the Eye Beast WIP

    Well, I've seemed to carve out some time to paint this guy now. For those of you who don't know, this mini is my first ever sculpt. You can read that whole sorted story here. This mini will be produced by Troll Forged Miniatures sometime later this year after Ed gets his plastic production line up and running. This particular mini is a resin proof that he sent me so I can check the model and paint for the website while awaiting further developments in the casting process.

    Because this was a proof and because it is in resin, there is a quite a bit wrong with it that won't be wrong in any final minis. You'll see a fair amount of green stuff on it. Some of that is fixing gaps and issues I made while learning how to work with resin (never worked with resin before), some is fixing things that broke in shipping or my own clumsy handling (mostly a few teeth), some is fixing casting errors caused by bubbles or incomplete fills in the mold (the tips of a few head plates and some of the claws on the eye stalks), and some is fixing things that appear to be errors in the mold (the missing tooth on the tongue and the webbing on the right side of the mouth).

    Anyway, here is the body after much cutting, scraping, gluing, and GS. Note that the redone top of the stalagmite was totally my fault as I broke it off while drilling the pin hole too aggressively. Like I said, this if my first experience with resin.


    Today, I finished prepping the eye stalks and filled in the base. Basically, I spent the hour re-sculpting some eye stalk claws that had either broken or were malformed. After I finished each stalk, I placed it on the body in its place as you see in the first picture. Then tonight, I put them in the same order in a large cork to spread them out so I can paint them. I just washed them and when they are dry I'll prime them yet tonight.


    I'll start painting this weekend, but I should warn you, I'm sculpting a lot these days, so if I get a commission, I may have to set the painting of this aside while I work on it, so it might progress slowly from time to time.

    Let me know what you think. I'm also open to color scheme ideas, as I am still not fully sure where I want to go with it, other than the eyes.

    Have a good day,

    Some tales are best left for the light of day.

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    I remember following that original thread. Good to see you've got it back in resin form, I was just looking a pictures of Eds workshop on Facebook. His plastic spin should be fantastic. I prepped pone of his resin figures the other day and man alive did it take some washing, the paint just wouldn't stick.

    As for colour scheme how about yellows and browns mottled?
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    I just washed it with a toothbrush and Simple Green and the paint seems to be sticking well? <Shrug>

    I think I will end up close tot he scheme you mention.

    Some tales are best left for the light of day.

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    Hours 1 and 2:

    First, I painted the eye and lid in Walnut Brown. Then I highlighted the corners up to Intense Brown in 5 layers. Next I painted the pupil in a mix of Black and Blue Liner. I edged the iris in Walnut brown and then painted the iris with various layers/glazes of Chestnut Gold, Palomino Gold, Clear Red, and Muddy Olive. The reflection dots were painted in Linen White, glazed in Blue Liner, and then finished off with Linen White points.

    Eye Step 1.jpgEye Step 2.jpg

    Next, I base coated the head plates in Muddy Dirt and the body scales in Muddy Brown followed by a heavy wash of Brown Liner.

    Hour 2.jpg

    I feels so good to be painting again. I haven't touched a brush since January.

    Have a good day,

    Some tales are best left for the light of day.

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    Looks good with a lick of paint on Andy, looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

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    Hour 3:

    One thing I didn't mention is that I am painting this mini to give it to a close friend of mine, who happens to own a few H&R Block franchises. Over the past year he's been advising me off and on on taxes and the like as I have been setting up my sculpting business. This mini is to be his payment for that advice, and for being an all around hoopy frood all these years. Anyway, I was talking to him last night and asked him if he liked red, and he said no, he prefers purple. @*#^& Now what. To switch to purple, I'd have to switch the whole mini from a warm palette to a cool one. So that is what I did:


    First, I glazed the red and yellow parts of the eye with several layers of Clear Blue. This turned the reds to purple and the yellows to green. I then added some more purple and green to the iris. I repainted the body in Shadowed Stone and the eye lid and membranes in Woodstain Brown, both of which are cool. I then washed both with Blue Liner (though it looks like I missed the upper lip looking at the photo).

    Oh, and I started the mouth, painting it in Dusky Purple.

    So I didn't get any further really, just switching the color palette.

    Take care,

    Some tales are best left for the light of day.

    Check out my website at

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    The switch is looking good so far.
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    RAWR! "I'm the eye beast"

    Looking good buddy.



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