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Thread: Arctica's Warmachine

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    Arctica's Warmachine

    Ok so it's been a very long time since i posted here but it's partly because the website used to log me off every 5 minutes or i couldn't stay logged on at all, but also because it's been a pretty busy time for me.

    I've still been painting but also the guys at the club here have taught me how to play warmachine and i've become completely addicted to the game, so much that recently i have become a press ganger for them too. :D

    But I managed to get a huge amount of models painted in a small amount of time. So i started with cygnar first and produced all these models in the span of about 3 months, the guys here thought i was part machine ! :D



    Ol' ROwdy











    Then i did some commission pieces for a friend on his trolls and skorne stuff

    then these last few months i moved onto a Cryx force which i've been enjoying lots and i have ordered way too many models but lets hope i can get most of it painted soon and i hope it'll keep me active on WAMP again as i'll be updating it as much as i can.


    Withershadow Combine

    As a spot of speed painting i painted my original battlebox set in about 11 hours

    McThralls (6) group 1

    McThralls (6) group 2

    Test model for Cryx bloodgorgers which i'm currently working on the whole unit.

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    absolutely awesome mate, always loved your work, the style on these seems less cartoony (meant in a good way) than your other work of the past. Don't know if it was a conscious palette choice or just your style evolving.

    Hope you got something for the PP contest?
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    i got tonnes of PP models to come so i'm sure i can easily enter a billion models :)

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    Saw these on the PP forums too, they are really great.
    Be good to see what you come up with for the contest.
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    These are superb!

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    Really amazing looking models! I like most of my Cryx, but yours outshine mine by far!
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    Great to see you back, and in such fasion no less. Models look great, stick around wouldja!

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    Fantastic post. Definitely worth the wait. I'm sure those paint jobs look tremendous on the tabletop.

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    Well just to show you that I have more to come :) i took it a tad far perhaps still it's awesome !

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    These models are fantastic. The longer i look at them the more there is to admire.



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