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Thread: Do you ever take a break from painting?

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    Do you ever take a break from painting?

    Just wondered how the rest of you fare with painting regularly. I have painted consistently for about 5-6 years now, never going more than a few days without painting and some weeks spending 40-60 hours painting (commissions) yet at present I have just dropped out. Other stuff had to take priority and while I could probably squeeze a bit of painting in soon I have no real urge.
    I haven't lost any love for the hobby just simply cant get motivated to pick up a brush even though I know I would probably enjoy it
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    I'm the same, it seems like there has been a perfect storm keeping me away from my brushes at the moment. After my Mum died I tried to pick them up but it felt weird because painting is when I get to mull things over and at the time all I could focus on was what happened to her. Since then we've had a major decorating push on the house, site update and Portal so they kept me away from the brushes.

    Like you I'm feeling the urge to get something done and times ticking for WAMP2012 where I had two, possibly three entries planned. They have all had starts made so as soon as I can I'll work on them and one will get to the forefront and hopefully become something good.

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    I take breaks all the time. I often go months and months without picking up a brush. I've got lots of different hobbies, and while this one certainly gets (and requires) a lot of effort and attention, I've always been ok setting the stuff aside in favor of the other hobbies. I feel the variety helps keep me sane...I don't know if I could ever spend EVERY day only on a single hobby.

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    i fall in the same category as tang. there are long periods of time where i'm not motivated to paint, so work on a different hobby in the meantime, or worse, deal with that dreaded "real life(tm)" thing. lol

    it's good to recharge the batteries occassionaly. in your case, DL, think of it as just a holiday from work... you'd have taken one had you been in most other jobs, right?
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    I go through phases as well. It's usually that I'm just feeling worthless or tired and don't have any creative urges to let out, or my other hobbies take over, or the spring hits and the sun comes out. No loss of love for the hobby, just other things bring my joy. When I get back to painting I remember how challenging and rewardin it is and usually get right back into it.

    If this is your job though, you certainly deserve a break from it.

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    I try and paint as often as possible, and to be honest if I spent less time on forums I'd probably get more done! I have to say though, it's mostly down to monthly deadlines on various places and painting has become stressful,so trying to ignore competitions for a little while unless it coincides with a project, so hopefully there'll be more breaks but higher quality painting. The 4 hour speed paint was a nifty challenge, makes me think what I could do with more time!

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    I usually need motivation to paint, no matter how much I love the hobby. Last few months I barely touched the brushes until I started collecting a new PP army (not to mention that I got hooked to a mmorpg that I'm slowly abandoning). Now that I have a huge pile of models to paint, I have my motivation again, and I'm cranking about 3 models a week :)
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    I often have lengthy breaks away from painting but I always come back to it. Painting is a time consuming hobby and sometimes I just want to do other things! I play Golf, waste hours on computer games, spend time with the Mrs etc...

    I've always thought that one of the great things about miniatures painting and wargaming is that you can do it until you are old and grey

    If you are going to take a little break, keep the miniatures on display if possible. Every now and then when I'm not painting I just go and look at my stash and see what I've got to paint, or look at finished pieces. Just getting some ideas and inspiration for when I'm ready to get back on it.

    Like Adary a major factor in me getting back to painting has been collecting a Warmachine army. Finding a club or two locally where I can go and play has really got me wanting to paint as I hate to field unpainted models.
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    I've kinda been doing the same lately, since Salute I've struggled to get painting and have had some real life stuff to deal with.

    When this has happened before to me I've found speed painting something a good cure, however, that's possibly more to do with my lack of confidence in my painting which often de-motivates me, more than general inspiration loss.

    Quote Originally Posted by breadhead. View Post
    I've always thought that one of the great things about miniatures painting and wargaming is that you can do it until you are old and grey
    Eye sight permitting!

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    I have many, many times. I just don't paint. I don't know why. I always enjoy it when I do, and it frustrates me that I don't get better because I am always starting over again because of my breaks. Lately, I have been trying to paint at least a little bit each night, and it is helping. I am not doing anything hard (just the Dreadfleet ships), but it is still brush control and such.
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