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Thread: Has Golden Demon Lost its sparkle?

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    Have to say I lost interest in the GD events a long time ago - nothing to do with the standards of painting, nor any loss of fondness for the figures GW produce (infact, I think the vast majority of their recent output is superb...Finecast issues aside :p ) - it's just that unless you're a gamer, painter, owner of vast amounts of money it just seems that the GD events are insanely expensive for what they provide.

    I don't game, and whilst it's quite nice to see a nicely painted army on a table-top, I've yet to muster any enthusiasm for watching folk roll dice and shout 'Wargh' at the top of their lungs.

    I don't see any point in buying figures at GD as there's nothing there you couldn't get elsewhere, and I still don't understand how they always (ALWAYS) seem to mess up the Forgeworld stands. The few pieces that I'd rather like to have a good look at you never get a chance to because of the mass hysteria involved in queueing up.

    I still love looking at all the painted figures - it continually surprisess and inspires. Ignoring who wins what, there are so many gorgeous chunks of metal/resin/plastic on display you can't fail to get inspired by it.

    But it's just not enough - how much does it cost now? 30? And you don't get any figure now? Bugger that - add in the costs of travelling and food etc and it's possibly the worst value day out for me ever! Much more fun to pop along to Warhammer World, look at the stuff around there and have a pint in Bugmans I reckon.

    Personally, I was always rather fond of the early days of the comp, when the Golden Demons Awards were a separate entity. I'd love for them to try this again, and see how it pans out. Have the 'EM painters on hand what they need to. Have the designers etc along, talking about why they design figures the way they do, and really have it dedicated like that. Without painters, the hobby would be an exceedingly dull place as far as I'm concerned.

    Hmm..Maybe one day we need to organise something along these lines somewhere! Sculptors talking about their stuff, concept artists and top painters talking about their work. Seminars etc. It'd be great...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkmessiah View Post
    take GDDE, the head judge, she only retired last year after 10 years, because the european events are so community based the judging teams have grown with their community, so I personally woudnt say that they were goin 'off message' i would say that their very much on message in reflection of what their community needs and wants in a comp
    Isn't that how Gamesday UK was, say five or six years ago? I'd hurry up and win that if I were you before that diktat finally reaches them. They probably sent it via royal mail so you'll have a couple of whacks at the stick before it arrives.

  3. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Joek

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