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Thread: Updating an old army for Armies on Parade- one for Undave to enjoy!

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    Updating an old army for Armies on Parade- one for Undave to enjoy!

    This isn't purely for Undave, though he might enjoy the pith potential that is yet to come from this...

    I've got my hands on an army that I painted 5 years ago in around a month (about 100 infantry all in). They're the classic praetorian models that came out aaaages ago. I have been thinking that I want to get my hands on one of those Armies on Parade crux terminatuses since the competition was announced last year,but didn't have the time to paint an army. This year, I twigged that I have painted an army and that I now have a fair bit more talent than I did in 2007 :D

    Here's the first poor photos:

    Changes so far-
    two layers of shading and one highlight on the pith
    Red- highlighted up to bronzed flesh, and shaded down with scaly green
    Blue trousers have had a thin layer of chestnut ink in the recesses (can't see this in the picture though)

    Looking at it in proper light, the shading's pretty rough, but the overall contrast is ten times better to the eye!

    Comparison shot with the old one:

  2. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Undave
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't do it! Painting all of those little beggars is what made me the broken gibbering wreck I am today. Admittedly I took two years to paint half of my army and two weeks to do the other half before a competition. I could see pith helmets whenever I closed my eyes.

    Nice start there. Speaking from a vast amount of experience I found that doing the facings and epaulettes a similar off white to the helmets makes them come out rather less garish than the yellow. I used kommando khaki but I've no idea what the current equivalent is now. The pith helmet does indeed look very good which is the most important thing.

    What else have you got besides lascannons?
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    Nice pith wearers! The weathering on the helmet is particularly good.

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    Cheers Undave, might have to try that take on the yellows. Will certainly be highlighting them with an off white, so maybe that will help reduce the glare anyway! I have no idea what the heavy weapons are supposed to be because we converted them a fair bit using tank wheel bits, so they don't look much like their original counterparts. You can see the big autocannon gunshields in red at the back.

    Sprout-cheers! The photo is hiding a multitude of sins but that was about 5 minutes work so I'm pretty happy that it didn't take long to find a winning formula!

    This is everything I painted for my mate last time around (about 6 weeks work?)

    Close ups

    I've set them out in a 2' x 2' base so that I know how much space they take up for Armies on Parade. En masse they look pretty good, but I cannot repaint that many! I really want to recreate the Glazer's Creek vibe from WD 222 so I moved a few models round and got this:

    So here's the rough idea...

    -At the front you have the 'First rank fire' squad behind some sandbags (or bark at the moment!)
    -At the back, a command 'hut' currently made out of 'really useful' boxes as a nod to the original film, I'd really like to have some walking wounded coming out of there as well somehow... weapons teams or something similar on the roof.
    - On the right, a Chimera that's just skidded round and emptied
    - On the left, a squad moving forward (probably up to another barricade) and behind them a load of artillery pieces (6 at the moment) and a Russ, though I'm still not sold on having a load of tanks.
    - Center, back- the commander and his banner at the doors of the building.
    - Right in the middle, a line of grenade launchers to support the lasguns with a shouty sergeant in tow
    - another squad just to fill some dead space between the building and the models at the front

    Original Glazer's creek

    Things I'd like to do on the final board...

    1) Raise the artillery about the people running to the barricade, e.g. hills
    2) More barricades!
    3) Have a windmill pylon with a ratling sniper up it

    Any other suggestions?

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    Okay, so I've kept all of my summer progress fairly quiet on this, but none of it was to a particularly high standard so I thought I'd keep schtum...
    (basically I didn't get around to painting any of the models but did a shedload of scenery and had good fun not really sticking to the lines )

    I entered this army with the retro board to match the WD battle report in which these guys became famous in my local store today. One other entrant turned up (last year's champion) with a rather nice nurgle army- photos don't do it justice.
    Here's the story in photos (might need two posts...)

  7. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! Demonn
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    Great stuff Adam - I really like the pith helmet guys. And if you can consistently keep on winning prizes for everything you paint, it bodes well for the commission



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