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Thread: Painting Dvd's

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    I also would recommend the JBT dvd, really need to watch it again.

    The only other I've seen is the Miniature Painting Secrets with Natalya Melnik which I found really helpful. Changed my approach to painting considerably.
    Are you saying Grade A, or Grey Day?

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    I've not seen the MM ones yet, but I will get around to getting those at some point.

    I'm not enthused about the JBT one - I found it quite hard to follow, and the video editing left something to be desired. Neither am I keen on the Natalya Melnik one - it's great if you like just watching a very skilled painter put together a miniature, but there's precious little commentary.

    The Jennifer Haley one, on the other hand, is great - both the Painting Secrets and Darksword ones. It's a very incremental sort of thing, she takes you through the basics, then through the advanced stuff. Best of all, it's very clearly explained. I loved these.

    For basics, I think the Hot Lead DVD is the business. He's clear and concise, and the camera angles are good and close so you can see what's actually being done. Thumbs up from me for this one.

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    Oh cool,

    just priced up the Jennifer Hayley one (the darksword one) and $50 is a bit steep for a dvd might try and find a UK supplier that sell it and see if I can pick it up any cheaper.

    I think I can watch some previews of hot lead on youtube, so might watch some once I'm home from placement today.


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