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Thread: Seeing double: FFG & Legacy Confrontation figures?

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    Seeing double: FFG & Legacy Confrontation figures?

    FFG announced Cadwallon: City of Thieves King of Ashes (ThreadLINK:) that contains The Cyclops of Mid-Nor figure which has also been released by Legacy Miniatures (Thread LINK:). So how were there 2 masters out there when Rackham defunct and now two manufactures for this figure? King of Ashes also has the rare Iraeme in this release too. Will we be seeing her released by Legacy Miniatures given they stated in an interview LINK: they wont be reproducing the entire Confrontation line? Also, with the price of $39.95 for King of Ashes containing those figures and along with others, would it be reasonable then paying $79.95 for the cyclops and around $80-$150 on ebay for the Rackham resin original or around $80-$90 for which ever set that contains Iraeme from Legacy in the future; that is if its even re-released and given the plastic vs Resin?
    Whats you thoughts on this?

    Cyclops of Mid-Nor
    King-of-Ashes-Cyclops copy.jpg


    DU22-characters copy.jpg

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    Anyway I can get the old figures the cheaper the better is good really. At the end of the day these are outside Rackham now and one could even argue recasts are as legit as continual casting (though I am not a fan of it in principle).

    Once these models are out there loads of people will reproduce them, there are probably a few people who think they have rights to the masters.

    I'd have a copy of that just to see what they are like as that's really cheap for the contents.

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    I wonder what the details are like on the plastic versions. Could be utter crap if you watned to paint it. If you don't want to paint it then you just got excited.

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    I think there s a lot of confusion as to what happened to the rackham masters
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    I dunno. I bought the Cadwallon boardgame, and the figs were quite disappointing - the plastics were soft and bendable, and couldn't be straightened, and the mouldlines were terrible. If they are going to keep going down that path, I'm avoiding this expansion like the plague.



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