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Thread: Basecrafts Rotating Displays

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    Basecrafts Rotating Displays

    We have just added a range of value rotating bases to the online store, starting at just 8.00 they represent great value.


    - Basing Materials, Resin Bases, Weathering Pigments & More

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    nice stuff mate
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    I bought a rotating display base a little while ago actually. Much bigger these though as the project I bought it for is a bit larger than yer average mini. :P

    These ones have a nice gear ratio though. Very slow. Nice find Kaine. :)

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    Hey, posh. Great idea for a website front page, to have a showpiece model rotating slowly around.
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    Yarp, and guess who's camera does HD vid too. :)

    Now I just gotta sus out this video editing malarky!



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