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Thread: Gringo 40'S Release Pancho Villa & Julio Cardenas

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    Gringo 40'S Release Pancho Villa & Julio Cardenas

    Gringo 40'S Release Pancho Villa & Julio Cardenas

    Pancho Villa
    Scale: 28mm
    Material: Metal
    Price: 2.50

    Julio Cardenas
    Scale: 28mm
    Material: Metal
    Price: 2.50
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    How popular is the Mexican War stuff in the US? I admit, I'm not sure how much interest there is in the UK, probably because it's not a conflict we were involved in, but then the 40mm scale seems an odd choice too.
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    go on admit it you started saying ' Hey Gringo!' in a stupid mexican accent
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    Coming from an area where you .can. go outside and hear someone saying 'hey gringo' in a mexican accent.... i know of no-one that plays that period wargame. Though to be fair, very few wargamers that play any historical period, either.
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