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Thread: C&C needed on my OSL

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    C&C needed on my OSL

    As the thread title states, I need some good comments on the OSL for this mini. This is only the second mini I've ever done OSL on. I think I did a pretty good job; I feel like the contrast has been pushed enough, but I want some expert feedback so I can do even better on the other 4 minis that make up this commission.

    Also, the foum is shrinking my pic for some unknown reason, so click to see the full size. This mini is ~ 28mm... I think.

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    Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see where the light is coming from to be able to judge if it looks right or not.
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    putting it on the base and adding a shadow for direction might help.

    The first picture in the montage (far left) is looking at the mini as the light source.

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    Not done much OSL, so can't really comment - I tend to look at artists work for inspiration though. Try a Google search of Caravaggio or, my personal favourite, 'The Dice Players' by Georges De La Tour (1593-1652)

    The original is in Stockton-on-Tees!

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    hmm my arch nemesis OSL!! the key apparently with osl is in the shadows . the shadows are as important as the lit areas otherwise you dont get the contrast. knowing the context of the osl will help please
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    I always find a dark background helps pick out OSL alot more and in general OSL shows more an environment then a single figure if that makes any sense. You need to put the model in context with the light source. At least that's my approach to it.



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