Wonderlands Project PAINTING CONTEST

1. Miniatures entered in the contest must belong to our Wonderlands Project range.
2. You can modify your miniatures as you please as long as you only use Wonderlands Project parts or sculpt what your imagination needs.
3. By entering the contest, you allow Wonderlands Project to use photos of your creations.
4. Each competitor can only present one entry to the contest.
5. You can enter your creations from now and until the June 21st 2012at 11.59PM (GMT+1).
6. The winning creations will be announced on JULY 1st 2012
7. The jury is composed by Wonderlands Project's Team Members.
8. Please send your submission (high definition pictures if possible) to this email: oni@wonderlands-project.com
9. Each participant will receive (at least) a gift voucher of 5 on the Wonderlands Project store (the voucher's code will be sent to you after results).
10. Shipping will be free during the contest!!!

1ST prize: -gift voucher of 100 on the Wonderlands Project store.
Anothers prizes will be announced laters.