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Thread: Fabled Ilium. Building Troy in 6mm

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    Fabled Ilium. Building Troy in 6mm

    Not been here for a while, life has been busy, but after catching up with all the painting etc I thought I would share my 2012 project.

    I decided (for various good and insane reasons) to build the city of Troy in 6mm...

    So now a few pics to show construction to its current point...

    Start point.

    Ilium001 by orm_esty, on Flickr

    Test walls etc

    Ilium002 by orm_esty, on Flickr

    Construction started, figures are Rapier Miniatures Celts etc for scaling (yes they are doing a 6mm Trojan Army, how did you guess!)

    Ilium005 by orm_esty, on Flickr

    Outer Wall and Skean Tower.

    Ilium008 by orm_esty, on Flickr

    Outer and inner wall, as you can see its made in 2 halves.

    Ilium015 by orm_esty, on Flickr

    And with Priams Palace in place.

    Ilium018 by orm_esty, on Flickr

    First half done, withh inner buildings and first coat of paint.

    Ilium020 by orm_esty, on Flickr

    And as it now stands, all the walls done, just gates and details to do. Inner buildings removed for simplicities sake for the moment.

    Ilium025 by orm_esty, on Flickr

    Just the gates and the rest of the inner buildings to make now, including the Temple of Athena.

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    That looks most funky.

    Look out for the trudging Norse.
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    Trudging Norses are being scanned for even as we speak...

    After a break for reral life things, here is the work from the weekend.
    WImpeys have constructed the rest of the internal buildings, including the temple of Athena, although it needs its Pillars yet.

    Ilium026 by orm_esty, on Flickr

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    Very cool, I love it when people do insanely mad but impressive projects....would you be interested in editing an article on the project for irregular magazine...
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    Wow. Can I ask how... grounded in archaeological realism this project is? I dimly remember learning about Schliemann's discovery and excavation of the city, and this certainly looks like you did your homework.

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    Ok, the actual layout I am using is invention. But it is steeped in both the archeology of Hissilik, the parrallel information from places like Mycenae and Tiryns and from salient points from the Iliad.

    So the inner and outer wall etc were known to exist, but actual internal buildings layout, no. However the style of buildings areaimed at being correct for the time and place (that time and place being 1300bc Western Turkey near the Bospgerous).
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    Been a while since an update but I have been beavering away, doing all the small, fiddly and annoying little jobs that take all the time, due to waiting for paint and filler to dry etc etc.
    Anyway first up, all the internal buildings complete. They have had a light brown wash and then a coat of varnish on them now:

    Ilium027 by orm_esty, on Flickr
    Then the main walls etc, Now just getting the final hole filling etc. The gaps are gateways but they can't be finisged until these have been ink washed and varnished, so that process doesn't hurt the gates themselves etc.
    Anyway frontal view:

    Ilium029 by orm_esty, on Flickr
    ANd from the rear:

    Ilium028 by orm_esty, on Flickr
    Just letting all the paint and filler dry now before I do

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    looking great so far, keep up the good work!
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    And here we go. Troy is finished (well constructionwise) so here are the final pics of the flocked and constructed monsterpiece.
    Front on:

    Ilium032 by orm_esty, on Flickr
    View over the walls:

    Ilium031 by orm_esty, on Flickr
    And finally the high angle shot:

    Ilium030 by orm_esty, on Flickr
    The model is on 2 bases each 300mm square, so the final pied is 600mm by 300mm.
    Apart from paint, scalpel blades and glue, I had all the materials to hand, the base and the ship board in fill was packing material from furniture deliveries, the thick card was offcuts of artboard from a local picture framers, as were the small pieces of mdf used to line the walls and tower tops.
    I started the project on the 12th of Jan 2012 and completed it today 21st April 2012, so 3 months from start to finish.
    Its been fun.
    Now to sort out the Trojan Army to live in it and defend it, then...

    Hmmm What can I build next...


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