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Thread: Bizzarre Miniatures preview WIP Killerbeast Dragon

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    Bizzarre Miniatures preview WIP Killerbeast Dragon

    Bizzarre Miniatures preview WIP Killerbeast Dragon
    Available in April 2012. Order here LINK:

    The miniatures are merchandise for the Metal band Debauchery ( The Killerbeast will be at 50 Euro and you will get a free Killerbeast T-Shirt with it. It will be available in April in the Bloodstore (
    Band FB:

    Killerbeast Dragon
    Made in Fimo / Sculpey / Magic Sculpt
    Artwork by A. Smith
    Creature design by P. Masson
    About 70mm
    Price: 50 Euro

    Killerbeast Dragon 1.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 2.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 12.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 10.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 11.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 3.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 7.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 9.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 4.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 5.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 6.jpg
    Killerbeast Dragon 8.jpg

    And don’t forget BOB, the Butcher of *****es!

    butcher of *****es.jpg
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    Okay, second model unnecessarily grimdark (in the real world, not 40k sense!)

    First model though...

    Could easily enjoy painting one of them.

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    I like to French Kiss Racoons
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    The Rancor with the buz saw is pretty cool.

    The BOB, wow...

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    not too sure about the female torso chained to the arm of the beast, it's a little too graphic for my taste. Can't fault them for the detailled sculpt though. Looks like a fun model to paint otherwise.

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    The dragon is pretty darn cool.

    The other is pretty sadistic. I mean the model is one thing, but to actually name it the Butcher of *****es.....Misogyny anyone?

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    Egads, I didn't notice all the dismembered women on the dragon thing.That's pretty demented.

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    Indeed! I would hope that the way it is cast would allow you to leave off certain of those less tasteful bits. Not that I would buy it personally.

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    Yeh BOB's somewhat OTT i think there are definitely some issues behind that sculpt. Dragon thing is OK but wouldnt be rushing to buy one.. its like not quite fantasy, not quite horror, not quite crocodile man.. seems a little lost to me. Would like to see one painted.

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    Just noticed the dead ladies on the killerbeast. Starting to put me off now! I think with an axe (and minus the OTT gory bits) it'd look great in the banelegions range though.


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