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Thread: Ark Mechanicus WIP

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    Looking good! The weapon angles have been messing with my mind for lighting, but yours look great so far.
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)

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    That has to be tricky to work out all the lighting...
    It does seem to work though, that two landed axe in the last photo looks spot on to me!
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    Thanks guys, a little bit more progress on the metals tonight, hopefully just some tidying up from here and they'll be done!

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    Those are looking pretty sweet! The basing is nice as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vegascat View Post
    The basing is nice as well.
    Not Fusion bases so therefore crap

    your NMM is sweet!
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  7. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! ArkMechanicus
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    Well I decided to call these guys done, got a bit fed up at the end to be honest, but they're only for gaming.

    Also the other models from the core box:

    I'm actually really enjoying the game, it's so fast (30 mins), which is exactly what I want from a game these days. So you might be seeing some more Shadespire warbands!

    I'm also getting fairly fired up with the painting now, so hopefully I'll be able to keep that going too!

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    Tasty! Already liked the Khorne band, but I like the darker metallics on the Sigmarines too.
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)


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