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Thread: Wamped II The Results!

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    Wamped II The Results!


    Wow! What a contest this has been. 4 months, 108 entries and over 1,000 in prizes. But now alas the end is here and it's the bt everyone has been working towards. You already know the category winners but who grabbed the other prizes and most importantly who beat the other winners to take the overall title of Wamped II Best In Show Winner?

    Without Further ado here are the winners:

    'OOP'S!!' Themed Category:

    1. He Got Out - Sparks
    2. Krull - Orki
    3. Ooops! - Waghorn41

    Scenery & Terrain:

    1. The Tower of Signa Dur - Dr Willet's Workshop
    2. Wrecked Allied Medium Walker - [So]rice
    3. Garden of Morr - Neatpete
    4. Skull Tower - Sparks


    1. English Civil War Cavalier - Ulfgrimr
    2. 11th hussars 1854 - Undave
    3. A picture for the paper - [So]rice
    4. Viking in 54mm - AndyS

    Everything Else

    1. Bunny - Iacton
    2. Misfit - Megazord_Man
    3. Nimroot - Bad Fairy
    4. Super Dungeon Explore - [So]rice

    (Megazord_Man actually placed 3rd as well with Madge The Zombie Killer but can only claim one prize per category as per the rules)


    1. Farseer - Orki
    2. Size Matter Not - Iacton
    3. Sophie Bigoude - HonourGuard
    4. (Tied): He Got Out - Sparks & Death Corps of Krieg Artillery Tractor - Megazord_Man

    6. Head Honcho - AndyS
    7.German Boss - ScottRadom

    (Iacton also placed 3rd with Akosha Noma and Megazord_Man placed 6th with Misfit Ray but can only claim one prize per category as per the rules)


    1. Rataxes - SkelettetS
    2. Krull - Orki
    3. Shae - Landreth
    4. my Brother - HonourGuard
    5. Caradryn - MaGie
    6. Troll Slayer bust - AndyS
    7. Kaastaruk - Shanerozzell
    8. Thief of Hearts - MamaGeek

    (Landreth also held 6th place with Master of Carnage and AndyS also got joint 7th with Citadel Wurrzag but can only claim one prize per category as per the rules)

    Most Entries:
    15 - AndyS

    Random Prizes:

    Parvusmachina (Random Entrant)
    Spellscape (Random Entrant)
    Lyn (Random Entrant)
    ChthonicSplendour (Random Voter)
    Nord (Random Voter)

    So there we go folks we have 24 different winners sharing a ton of prizes but alas we needed to pick just one lucky person to claim the ultimate spot. we did things a little differently this year and our best in show was taken from the category winners. SkelettetS,Orki,Iacton,Dr Willet's Workshop and Ulfgrimr all battled it out head to head to choose a champion. In the end it turned out to be very head to head with two entries head and shoulders in front of the others and in the end a single vote seperated them. A fitting end to a fantastic contest.
    But there can be only one and the winner of Wamped II Best in Show is.............


    with his awesome entry Rataxes:

    A beautiful piece and a very worthy winner. A very honourable mention must go to Orki whose Farseer was pipped to the post by a single vote.

    So those folks are your winners and a hearty congratulations to them all. This year had some fantastic entries and you know the standard is high when you have Golden Demon winners not even getting on the podium. It's great to see so much support for the event and really makes it worthwhile for me.
    I want to say a big thankyou to the entrants, the voters and the sponsors, all of you do a great job supporting Wamp and our events and really help make them great.
    I hope you have enjoyed the event and also enjoyed the old gallery because its retiring now!! You can still view all the entries though!
    Wamped II Gallery

    If you are a winner please bear with me until I contact you . You will be contacted in order of category placement and you may recieve multiple pm's if you have won in more than one category. Theres a lot of prizes to organise so be considerate!!

    Look out for a Portal special soon featuring every entry and interviews with some of the winners.

    Right need a lie down, been a long contest!!!


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    Great entries, congrats to all the winners!
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    Well done everyone for entering and special congrats of course to Skellie and his rhino. Well deserved winner indeed

    Also thanks very much for votes on my own pieces, I shall return to semi-retirement now
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    Blimey, that was close! Grats to SkeletteS on his BoS award, and a big thank you to all the voters, entrants, sponsors, and of course Brett for putting on another awesome comp this year!

    Next time SkelleteS, next time... mwahahahaha

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    Fantastic competition in all respects. Congratulations to all the winners and especially to SkelettetS for a brilliant and worthy best in show. Many thanks to those that voted and also to the numerous sponsors and well done DL for pulling it all together and putting in the hard work.

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    Congratulations to all the winners, and those who entered, but also to DL for pulling off another fantastic comp.
    "I lOVE your attitude Wag - painting for the hell of it, because you want to - one of the best things I did was invite you over here as to me you invoke the wamp spirit perfectly." - thankyou DL !

    "'ve done things with Blood Bowl Orcs that I wouldn't have thought possible. Certainly wouldn't have thought they were sensible!..." - Lobo, Iron Painter 8 competition

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    Well done everyone!

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    Well done guys and a big congrats to Steffan with a brilliant piece that deserved the best in show.

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    Congratz everyone, a very nice competition. Good work DL too get it all working so well. Some really nice entries for best in show and a big congratulation to Skel for the win.

    Hope too be able to make a entry next year if possible. (not hoping for a win just to be in there for fun), will practise on some of the other comp that are arrenged here.


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    Well done peeps.
    The eyes!, the EYES!!

    ...tapping fingers impatiently...


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