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Thread: Rumor: Confrontation reborn?

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    Rumor: Confrontation reborn?

    This was posted on TGN and as we all know CMON owns TGN and also is the distributor of Legacy Miniatures which owns the rights to the Confrontation Miniature line. Take this all with a spoon full of salt!

    If this is a ploy for a real announcement, it's a bad one as Warseer, Dakka, & BOLS don't have any threads regarding this news!

    Rumor has it Confrontation is being announced at GAMA
    We have heard that Confrontation is going to being brought back in full. We will have more updates on this, as we hear more.

    Has anyone else heard any rumors about this? What do you think?
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    Another blog site with some info on Confrontation Phoenix edition LINK:
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    I never knew anything about Confrontation other than the name. Having a peek I can see it's a fantasy battle system ... any good? What was/is it like and all about mun?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubster View Post
    I never knew anything about Confrontation other than the name. Having a peek I can see it's a fantasy battle system ... any good? What was/is it like and all about mun?
    Confrontation was one of the first true skirmish scale miniature games that started to have popular success. It was regarded as having some of the best sculpts in the entire hobby at the time, and the fluff the world was built around had great flavor to it too. The game Cadwallon originated from the Confrontation setting (but FFG's take on it is NOTHING like what Cadwallon was meant to be). The sculpts in general still stand up to the quality of today's best minis...but Confrontation no longer has the luxury of being the only fantastic sculpts out there. They paved the way....but lots of other people jumped on the bandwagon, and other companies are producing fantastic quality sculpts too.

    I'm not sure what to think about this news to be honest. Over the last 5 years or so....everything Rackham/Confrontation related has generally led to disappointment for a lot of people, so I want to know more than a simple promo and Q&A before I allow myself to get too excited. Let's take a look at the general history of Confrontation in the last few years:

    - 5 or 6 years ago, Rackham was still producing Confrontation is it's primary form (skirmish), and was at version 3 or 3.5. This was arguably the height of the game's popularity. They were still producing regular sculpts that were fantastic and got their fans excited, until....

    - roughly 5 years ago, Rackham decided the new direction for Confrontation was going to be with pre-painted plastic figures and a mass-battle system ("Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok", or simply "CAoR"), completely dropping everything they were doing previously. This decision completely shocked their fans, as it was a change they did NOT want to see happen. Afterall...Rackham was a company that prided itself on being the industry leader in quality, and they were deciding to change their whole company direction to something that was notoriously low-quality. This change, and alienation of their current fan base, was what ultimately lead to the death of "Rackham" as we know it. (might have also had to do with the company going public on the stock market....meaning the company had to answer to investors, not fans).

    - in the last year of Rackham's existance, whether it was a last ditch effort to reclaim some old fans or something else entirely...Rackham introduced test rules for a new skirmish-scale Confrontation game. The rules were not well-received at all, and the company ended up tanking completely before the effort ever went anywhere (but it didn't look like the effort was going to be the answer the Confrontation veterans were hoping for anyway....)

    - Just this past year, Legacy surfaces, and is promoted as making the high-quality sculpts from the Confrontation universe that we all want to see. On top of that, the figures come with stat cards for the original Confrontation v3-v3.5. Everyone's excited!....until they see the prices. Legacy had such a high entry fee to buy ANY of the figures it was producing that it was not meant for the gamer....but rather for the fanatical collector. The people who could afford/justify the prices were happy, but many others who were fans of Confrontation were not because they couldn't afford such steep prices. Overall, people loved the quality, but otherwise there were many mixed feelings regarding the price. Add to that, Legacy never produced any website to help garner interest in the Confrontation universe again....and many people just felt left out.

    - Fast forward to this week. We get the announcement that "Confrontation is Back!" We get a Q&A with it, assuring us that everything is going back to the way it was pre-CAoR, and that everything will be sunshine and daisies. They will release metal/resin miniatures again, and the prices will not be "Legacy" prices...insinuating that this will be accessible for the gamers as well as collectors. That sounds good on the surface...but what else?
    - How changed are the rules going to be from C3 or C3.5?
    - Will there be a full-fledged website with regular content updates like Rackham did?
    - How regular will releases be?
    - Will all the armies be represented? (CAoR notoriously cut a few of the armies, which pissed off players)
    - Is it going to take 10 years just to get back to where we were before CAoR happened?
    - Will there be printed rules with fluff in them?
    - Speaking of fluff...will it revert back to the original fluff, or will they continue with the fluff that was being re-vamped for CAoR?

    I'm sure I could come up with plenty other questions that would keep me cautious about the new announcement. Like I sounds great on the surface, but that's the point of a marketing's supposed to sounds great. Let me see the actual details and answer for questions above, and then I can decide whether it's really worth it to me.

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    I hope this does well and I wish them the best of luck. I want those minis back on the market at fair prices. But I bet this crashes and burns in fiery pit of fail. Especially if CMON has their mitts in on it.

    What is CMON role in this whole "Legacy" business and now this rerelease action?

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    Well I had a wee peek after Googling and as a Slaine fan from years back, I loved seeing the Sessair get a mention - were they indeed an Irish mythology type force? Also those wolfy fellas seemed interesting, something about wolfman types always appeal.

    I'll watch with pretended nonchalance from behind a newspaper with eyeholes cut out. Does anywhere sell trilbys and raincoats any more?
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    If those necromancers get done as a more general release I'll be happy after missing out!


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