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Thread: Warlord Games release Pike & Shotte Star Fort!

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    Warlord Games release Pike & Shotte Star Fort!

    Warlord Games release Pike & Shotte Star Fort!
    This is a fully assembled and painted gaming piece, that is ready from delivery straight to the gaming table, and no need to worry about the base as it felt lined to save damage on table and scenery.
    Designed and Painted by Paul McDonagh
    Paul's Modelling Workshop
    Price: 90.00

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    I don't think the price is too high, but I'd been more interested if it was unpainted

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    I'm a big fan of Paul McD's stuff and he's all about straight-to-table convenience for great gaming pieces. I can see this selling very well once the 'Pike and Shotte' rules come out.
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    I've always wondered whether they're one piece casts or supplied as individually made pieces. It's nice and all but it doesn't look like 90 worth of complicated to make if you catch my drift.
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