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Thread: Hey Everyone

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    Hey Everyone

    Hey everyone, I thought that I had already posted here but guess I didn't. I've been painting for a while and currently updating everything that I have done once I have better photos taken. I play 40K, and Mordheim mostly and trying to get a group together locally here in Tucumcari, NM to give Death Squads a run through.

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    Welcome to WAMP

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    Welcome to WaMP, mudman! :) There is a group of Mordheim players & of course, 40k, at Curious Games in Alamogordo... usually there on Saturdays. :) A loooong drive (but what isn't in NM?)... but might be worth it if you're in the area.
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    Hello mudman2001, welcome to WaMP.

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    Contributions can be made directly in the Wiki or by contacting the admin team here.


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    welcome to the wampness mudman
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    Thanks Everyone.

    kdlynch, Alamgordo isn't that long of a drive (about 4ish hours) and gives me a reason to go to El Paso for covered burritos...oh and see family. We have a new store that opened up in Amarillo (The Tables Edge), thank ye gods, that I run to and told them about Mordhiem, next time I head over there I plan on taking a couple of warbands for a demo. They have seen it on GW's website but never played it.



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