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Thread: Heroes vs armies

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    Heroes vs armies

    Hi, there. so I had to start my own workbench thread. I figured it would be the best just to have one for all purposes. I collect differnet minis: for armies and just for the gig. But let's focus on the most recent projects, shall we.

    ATM, I'm being busy with adding heroes to may Empire army, which I occasionally game with against my son, but the minis never leave my home, so heroes and specialminis can be painted to almost a display quality. Here is my gallery on Flickr, whre you can check the rest of the Empire.

    And the mini of today, I have to add the shield, yet, so :

    GMkotbs 001.jpgGMkotbs 002.jpgGMkotbs 003.jpgGMkotbs 004.jpg

    And this is the shield I will add, Andy ideas on the color scheme?

    I apologize, but htis thread was suppose d to be in the wip forum, so ignore this one. Thanx.
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    Those are really really nice. I especially like your knight, so many details picked out instead of glossed over.



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