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Thread: BaneLords Aethelglyth up for pre-order!

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    BaneLords Aethelglyth up for pre-order!

    BaneLords Aethelglyth up for pre-order!

    Price: £8.99

    The manner of Æthelglyth’s rise amongst Meloda’s gesíth has led many to call her wælcyrge, a chooser of the dead brought from legend to reality, or maybe a sigewif, a victory-woman, that decides the fate of those who covet her queen’s head; simple scare-tales she nevertheless takes care not to dismiss, for is not reputation the chief weapon of the warrior, and indeed the warrior-maiden? Æthelglyth herself allows none, not even Meloda, to know much of her, of her childhood nor her adult life, and thus Mercia as a whole knows little of Æthelglyth except for her deeds, the speed of her axe-swing and the silver-quick of her blade, the strength of her anger for the rabid Ysians and the perfidious Northumbrians, the crazed strawhairs and the painted warriors of the far north. Of Æthelglyth, one thing is certain – an enemy of Mercia is an enemy of Æthelglyth, and whilst she may be slight and her years young, her battle-skills – as well as her avowed beauty – are bewitching to all that can see with clear eyes.
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    She Merican! thats awesome. oh Mercia... Not awesome.

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    Odd one this. The sculptor is one of my faves, yet it looks terribly static :( .

    But, I reckon a lot could be answered by the way they've photographed it...terrible positioning on it. Need a shot face on and I reckon it'll work.

    Hope so anyway.

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    I like the concept art, but it didn't transfer to the miniature very well.

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    The concept artist is obviously very talented but maybe not imaginative enough, this is a little meh for me... Maybe they need to take a leaf out of Kingdom Death's book and push things a little.

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    It's ok, pretty standard barbar wench - the artwork does look better though

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    Can't agree more...She's too static in her pose. Could be that a great paintjob will make this look a lot better!



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