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Thread: DGS Games Release Freeblades Starter Sets!

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    DGS Games Release Freeblades Starter Sets!

    DGS Games Release Freeblades Starter Sets!

    From their Announcement:
    Freeblades starter sets will be unveiled and available for purchase at Genghis Con Feb 17-19 2012 in Aurora, CO.Below are pictures from of the starter freebands that will be available for purchase as sets or separately.

    includes (left to right) - Headhunter, Duelist, Black Rose, Rustler, Enchantress, and Outlaw

    includes (left to right) - Muster Archer, Militia Spearman, High Questor, Fist of Vidunar, Apprentice Knight of Tahnar, Muster Thresher, Apprentice Knight of Barek

    includes (left to right) - Wanderer (pose 2), Enforcer, Treespeaker, Starseeker, Tree Runner, Wanderer (pose 1)
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    Look like some cool generic character pieces. Wonder what the quality is like. Anyone ever bought from them?

    -Nevermind, looks like they are just starting out. In my home town as well! I'll see if I can have some of my old locals score them out at the con.



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