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Thread: What do you do with your painted miniatures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveB View Post
    Was going to post a reply here but ... I ended up blogging it instead ...
    It's ironic, Steve. You couldn't tell from my hobby, but the rest of my life conforms more towards your philosophy. My mantras for 20+ years have been "simplify" and "reduce". Travel light, get rid of "stuff", consume only what you need. I make allowances for the hobby, though, partly because life circumstances suggest that I won't need to pay to send a kid to college! Still, in the spirit of using everything I own, I resolve to use my finished minis, either ready to game with or put on display to be appreciated. If they were destined for a dark box, I would definitely sell them. But I get enjoyment out of viewing them, plus I can compare techniques or color recipes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Sprout View Post
    Shades its all orderly and some of it is painted. I think I just passed out wondering how those two things are achieved! Nice looking displays.
    Thanks, Cap'n!

    Quote Originally Posted by RogerB View Post
    Ah, that's better, Shades. I think your mini-itis is coming along nicely.
    Thank you for supporting my addiction. I think I mastered Step 1 of the 12-step recovery plan. I figure I would stop while I was ahead!

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    Mostly, they sit on a few shelves in a bookcase and collect dust.

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    You make a fellow hobbyist jelouse shades lol, I envy your collection and ability to display finished works. Mine just sit on a shelf in a corner.......along with several unpainted mini's.
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    I've just bought a couple of Liddel display units - once I make them up, that's where they'll go

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    not got that many painted minis. kept swapping ones i'd finished with a friend on mine who gamed with em. got a shoe box full of nearly finished miniatures. most just need basing,

    was actually planning to make myself a little display to sit em on. some kind of forest edge scene with a standing stone circle i think. will take me a while o get al the bits i need for it though.

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    Display cabinets in the living room? I don't think so. My wife likes me having this hobby, but there are limits No problem as I wouldn't want that anyway - it would just be too tempting targets for my two gremlins

    I have some stuff on the paintstation, the rest is packed neatly down in foamtrays and cases. Some for gaming, some for a future WAMP event ha, ha

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    Much like SteveB a short answer here turned into an entry for my blog. I do have a small display cabinet bought by my ex and a few carry cases, but I also wanted to create something special for some of my minis. If you're interested in what it is you can see it here =>

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    Yithian - that looks pretty cool. Any "after-conversion" shots, yet?

    And welcome to WaMP

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    Wow Shades, a bit of an "Ali Baba's Cave" your place!


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