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Into The Wamp

A sigh of Relief

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So another week goes by and I must admit it was a rather stressful one! Trying to get Bilbo finished became almost an obsession. My eyes are still atuned to viewing 3mm wide such was the size of the details on him that the Space marine I am now painting looks postiviley gigantic in comparison. Bilbo was a rather funny mini to paint. As I have previously mentioned in the past blogs, I chose Bilbo as I have painted him before and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time was no different, I thoroughly enjoyed painting this one, the base; however was another matter. It became a test of mental strength. Its done now but it got to that point we all reach at times where we just want it finished and its a fine line between sucess and it soaring out the window trying to recreate Orville and Wilburs great achievements of manned flight. I'm not sure NASA has conducted exhaustive tests on the aerodynamic properties of small metal figures but I doubt we will be seeing the shape adopted for the next Airbus design.

Anyway Bilbo got finished and despite my brain trying to constantly pick fault with him I think Im pleased with him - certainly the more time passes the more I am. He is probably my best work to date - one of those lovely osccasions where you push your skill level a little higher. I even have fleeting moments of Golden Demon glory pass through my cerebral cortex, though they are swiftly followed by a pang of realism! Still we shall see, and even if it gets nothing its a sucess as Im taking an entry I'm pleased with and I think thats the most important thing for all competition pieces. Contests are always nice to win and are a great opportunity to push ourselves but so often the pursuit of mini painting glory masks the true joy of the hobby that most of us get: just sitting down and creating a little piece of art. Thats the real enjoyment - gaining kudos from our peers is the icing on the cake.
So just 10 days to go untill Gamesday (yes technically its 11 but as some of us are going the day before it starts earlier for us!) and I'm pretty excited now. Last year entry wise it was naff for me but the social side was great - sitting down the evening before with a group of painters that despite our relative lack of face to face contact are treated as friends. I have always said this hobby contains some of the most helpful and generous people around. As soon as you meet another painter you can sit and talk for hours (and drink!) and its nice to do so away from the confines of the internet. Miniature painting isnt a gregarious pursuit like wargaming is so for us pure painters it can be a lonely pastime. These get-togethers are a rare treat.
Soon after GD is the climax to another sought after contest - Wamp's Redbox games contest. There have been some top drawer entries so far and if some of the WIP's come to fruition then we shall have a fantastic battle on our hands.

Despite been focused on GD wamp matters cant fully take a back seat, I managed to fit in my first review of the lovely Grace is Gone mini and the maker even added the gold medal to his cmon submission which is great to see. Its always humbling to me that something I created has a prescence in other peoples lives. Portal is also getting close to publication again - We always said issue 2 would be a bigger benchmark than the first. theres been a few changes and additions that hopefully address some of the critique we received. It will be interesting to see whether many of the people that read the first will return to read another - that to me is more indicative!

I have also been furiuosly trying to make arrangements for the rest of this years contests, we have three more normal ones planned as well as the big Wamped! contest to ebd the year with. Its been a week of decisions, chasing sponsors up to confirm prizes is never easy, and as I wait on responses I have to weigh up whether to start the contest without the prizes confirmed or wait but have to alter the schedule!
Most likely we will launch anyway - the worst thing that can happen is I stump up the prizes myself!

So there we have it - another week gone by but o let up from the work. Sometimes it feels more like a job than a hobby, still i must enjoy it if I keep doing it, though a few beers at Birmingham will be a welcome bonus!

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  1. Hinton's Avatar
    You have every right to be please with the Bilbo mini; it turned out fantastic and the base is just amazing.

    Looking forward to seeing what some of the upcoming contests hold, especially the end of the year one.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do here at WaMP, Brett; it is noticed and appreciated!
  2. kdlynch's Avatar
    I'll second Hinton's comments, and will buy you a few beers if I ever find myself in Birmingham. ^^
  3. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    Will see you at GD at the weekend.
  4. White tiger's Avatar
    Painting is quite a lonely past-time...
    I always remember trying to paint my models whilst my friends gamed (I never want to try and paint at the same table as a game ever, ever again)
    Ah well....back to my corner :P