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Boris' Ramblings

Staying on the wagon

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It's been 11 months since I bought a mini for myself - and to be fair, the only ones I have bought were for Jay and my brother for Christmas last year, and our anniversary.

In October it will be a full year without being tempted at Salute, Triples, FigureWorld, Euro* or GamesDay*, as well as local stores, or online sales.

*Future events

I tried this before (Oct 2008 - 2009) but that time around I had a caveat, I could buy minis if they were to be used specifically for competitions. But I ended up buying a Rackham Worg - because I might not find another one, and a set of Helldorado minis - because I might not find them again (but Hellodorado is back - phew) and they were half price! Basically, my mini buying ban was a failure - so this time around I was better prepared and have used my super power of stubbornness to see me through.

It's been tough - there are so many pretty things out there. Figureworld was especially hard...Knight Models *sniff*, and the Alkemy line at Salute, oh and the Kingdom Death, Studio McVey releases...etc, etc

However, truth be told - I've not had a year without new minis. I got some at Christmas, and a great pile for my birthday but I've also been given various freebies over the course of the year, and I've not really been working on many review pieces for the magazine - people just gave me free minis.

We did get the gift that keeps on giving, that is the mountain of PP minis from Mike and Ali, but I only picked out 6 (maybe 8) in the end for myself, all mostly small - and after trading a few got some other minis in return. (THANKS!)

I'm not complaining, free minis are pretty awesome - but I don't want another carboot full any time soon.

My fast break co-incides with Derby World Wargames show, and tbh there are only so many times a year you can say no to buying minis from Kev White - that man has a persuasive team, so I may treat myself to a Hasslefree purchase...just a small one.

I'm looking to start another year of not buying for Oct 2010 - Oct 2011 - but if I do manage to find the money to go to Xpo, that will probably get broken. Either way, as long as I hold out for a few more weeks I'll have managed it for a whole year.

Anyway, I have a cupboard brimming with minis and a healthy paycut starting this month, so I have no excuses for making any shiny metal (or resin) purchases any time soon.

For anyone who fancies a challenge - prepare to find yourself sorely tempted.

note - I am allowed to buy paint, brushes and basing materials.
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  1. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    You fogot Baker Mick's determination in trying to sell you minis, LOL.
  2. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I have much respect as I only lasted 8 weeks but have cut down
  3. Boris's Avatar
    I'm starting to feel the desire to splurge when the 12 months are up....aragh!
  4. Darklord's Avatar
    your doing well Becca. I think a lot of the time with mini painters is its easy to horde as we buy things then they get put ina box on a shelf until we're ready to paint them but invariably we forget about them. I bet if we prepped and assembled all our purchases straight away and put them in clear view we would slow down our buying when we see the amount of stuff we already have.
    I'm usually on a self imposed buying ban - think I have bought 1 miniin the last 12 months. I have plenty of great minis I havent found the time to paint already and many of those were gifts, prizes or swaps with other people. Some of it I will most likely never paint but most I am really looking forward to getting around to doing day!
    keep up the good discipline.
  5. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    I suspect those that game and paint are far worse, take keeper for instance the God of Hording Miniatures, LOL.
  6. Boris's Avatar
    Hmm, maybe I should enter more comps to try to win minis....