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The Wonderful World of Radom!

The social aspect

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So I got half pissed with a good friend of mine last night and we were talking about this and that. He had invited me over to play a game or something, but we didn't bother breaking out the dice or anything, just shooting the breeze. So then I got to thinking, every single friend I have made I know through playing games. There's a few I know who don't really do ay wargaming or stuff, but I got to know them through my gaming buddies. So if I trace it all back to the source gaming is my sole source of old friends.

Now that seemed a little wierd to me at first. I don't have any old high school buddies, nobody I knew from 'Nam or anything like that. Shouldn't a person have friends from other sources? Some people make friends at volunteer stuff. My only volunteer work was helping run a gaming convention. Some might have friends from work. I do have some great people I work with, but I haven't been at my new location for even a year yet so it's tough to put those people (quality people though they are!) in the same boat as people I've known for 15 years.

The great thing too about gaming is we've ALWAYS got something to talk about. Besides the real life stuff it's GREAT to get together with people who are excited (good or bad) about the new army book for whatever game. It's fun to sit down and recount how badly you got mauled during a failed bid to seize all of Stalin's oilfields. We always have something to talk about that interests us.

So of course the extension of the net and painting is the social aspect. A hobby like painting, which is 99% of the time a very solitary experience (at least for me) has given me another group of people, though be it ePeople, that I can have an instant connection with. Places like WAMP bring together people who INSTANTLY have something in common. It's very hard to not be friends with people who have such similar passions and interests. Hinton posted in his blog that he feels more comfortable placing some of his fiction in his blog off WAMP. That's pretty cool! I don't think Hinton has actually met any more of the people on this forum in the flesh than I have (Zero by the way) but still the level of comfort in sharing with others increases because of the friendly bond felt by having that thing in common. I like that, and I totally agree with the sentiment.

So no real point to any of this. But I thought that's what this Blog **** was about anyway. Just that I enjoy the eFriends I've made through another one of my hobbies. It's great to have that instant connection through shared experience!
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  1. Hinton's Avatar
    I actually envy those, like you Scott, that have real-life friends that you can talk to about gaming or the hobby without having to give a 20 minute explanation of the what and why of it.

    And while it would be nice to have those RL friends and acquaintances, the eFriends are outstanding because, as you pointed out, we all have a shared interest. There is a level of comfort among all of us because, on some level, we understand each other. I wouldn't trade a single eFriend for anything because they've all made me feel welcome just by saying, in their own way, "yep, I can relate".

    Great post, Scott.

    And yeah, pretty sure the blogs are for our random ramblings. At least that's what I'll probably be using them for.
  2. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I went through school in the services so all my school chums changed every 2-3 years so as you scott I have no friend from there. I guess my best friends are my wife and my Dad. I am please I can call my Dad a friend as not everyone gets on with theres, mine is a keen wargamer and a dam fine DM plus if I say so myself he is a very good bloke.