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Into The Wamp

The countdown begins

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SO, I promisde to attempt weekly updates for you fine folks and at least for now I have kept my word. To be honest this past week has seen me put Wamp on a bit of a back burner while I focus upon my Golden Demon entries, Following the recent decision to abandon my main project I have been set to work on a couple of smaller projects instead - simple entries but a welcome chance to just paint. Do I hope to win? Yes of course - its an ambition of mine (as I'm sure it is of many others) to one day grab a Deamon, doesnt have to be gold - a bronze would do!! Will I win one? Probably not , its a tough field and unfortunatley GD UK is the toughtest of the lot, but you never know, Im pleased with their progress so far and if at the end of it I produce a couple of mini's I'm happy with then that will be a sucess regardless of what happens at Birmingham. I'm actually getting pretty excited about the event, I shall be staying over with the wife and a meal and plenty of beers the night before with lots of other great painters is probably the highlight for me. Painting is usually a pretty solitary hobby so its nice to meet like minded soles.
I haven't completley abandoned the Wamp side of things, The Ironwind metals contest is drawing to a close so theres been sorting that, dealing with submission issues and setting up the voting. I ooften have an inkling of how well a contest is going to be but you never reallly know until it actually happens and this one has done well, our second highest attendance in fact. I have also been sorting out details for the next contests coming up, confirming prizes and 'other things' I can't say about yet. Sometimes its a slow process though, not all sponsors are great at answering emails!! Soon I will have to start setting up for Wamped! at the end of the year - with so many sponsors (10 I think now) it will be a logistical nightmare but I'm really excited about this one. It will be very similar to the little angels event but without the need to part with your entry. Hopefully it will be a sucess!
This week will see the Ironwind results determined and that means the focus will move onto Redbox Games contest. I think everyone is excited by this contest judging by the response and the fantastic WIP's that continue to appear, heck even Redbox creator is excited. I expect this to be one of the toughest contests we have ever held. It was one contest I wished to enter but hey maybe next year (if we get another one!!) I have only entered one contest this year (the warlord one) for various reasons but I decided this week to try and enter the Kingdom death one. I love the stuff Poots is putting out there and I was lucky enough to receive a Gift of Death box set from him a little while back but havent had the chance to paint one yet. Only problem is the one I was planning is also the choice of A certain mr Hockley and I dont want hime been upstaged!!

Anyway thats a while off, for now I shall return to my dreaming of Godlen Deamon sucess - after all theres nothing wrong with dreaming is there!



  1. ogreninja's Avatar
    with the work your putting in to bilbo i reckon youll get a demon im just aiming for finalist pins will be happy with that but im easily pleased lol
  2. Darklord's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ogreninja
    with the work your putting in to bilbo i reckon youll get a demon im just aiming for finalist pins will be happy with that but im easily pleased lol
    theres far better painters than me that wont win a deamon - A finalist pin would do well for me too though of course a deamon wouldnt be refused! bit of a shame a Bilbo took silver last year !