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Into The Wamp

Wamp: The family grows

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First I want to explain what my intentions for these particular blogs are about. The plan is for me to keep track of some of the goings on 'behind the secenes' of Wamp with a weekly update, nothing earth shatteringly riveting most likely but maybe its a kind of therapy for me, though I fully expect my intention of weekly updates willl fall by the wayside!!

I thought now was an apt time as we recently saw the start of a new chapter in Wamps history, the birth of Portal. I must confess the idea of a Wamp magazine (or ezine if you prefer, though magazine sounds more upmarket to me!!) had never crossed my mind which is suprising as I constantly have ideas for Wamp - some more fanciful than others though I still maintain distant hopes of a Wamp slave race to do our bidding freeing up more time for us to paint (and take over the world as the wamp slaves will be equipped with several genetic advancements making them the ultimate super soldier that even Jon Claude van Damme couldnt defeat.

Anyway back to Portal. It was a couple of months ago that Shane approached me about Portal and I thought yeah lets do it - sounds fun. The hardest bit for me was probably thinking of a name for it. If you've ever tried naming a child you'll understand the dilemma - its such a final process - get it wrong and the kid gets bullied, get it right and your kid shoots up the cool chart! lots of names were considered: Wamp magazine, Brush, W, and many more but Portal just fit right, short and sweet like Kylie Minogue.
As the process went on I was getting more excited about the project but the real point of glee was when I read the final proof, everything in place and it just looked great to me, professional and worthy of the Wamp name.

So launch day came and with a click Portal was born. What would happen? would we get a sudden influx of downloads or a slow trickle? Shanes prediction of 60 downloads in the month seemed a bit pessimistic to me, I was thinking 200 for the month would be a good start for the first issue, though I secretly hoped for us to hit 375 downloads for the month (375 was our member count at the time). As I sat and watched the download logs that day (me impatiently refresheing the stats every 5 minutes!!) go up and up I couldnt believe it! we passed Shanes 60 downloads in about 30 minutes, 200 was paseed a couple of hours later and before the day was out we had gone way past my dream target of 375. We were amazed at its sucess, even more so as we were getting great feedback from people, especially those that had'nt experienced Wamp for themselves before. Sure there were things that needed improving as there always are with the early stages of anything but we felt we had a good basis and a platform to go on and do even better with subsequent issues. Downloads are continuing to happen albeit at a slower rate but we passed 800 downloads yesterday which is very pleasing. Now 800 might not seem a lot in comparison to other publications but thats over twice as many downloads as members which means a lot of people are discovering Wamp for the first time which is great.

Another great moment for me personally was Portal getting the thumbs up from some of the Irregular gang, their magazine is a great standard and they do a sterling job so to get praise from those fine folks meant we must be doing something right!!(Thought we are a long way of comparison!)
So issue 2 is in the planning stage as Shane works feverishly to create something even bigger and better than the first one. Its testament to him that Portal was so well received. If I was in charge it would have ended up looking like the church newsletter!!

So Portal has obviously been the main focus of my attention these past few weeks but there was plenty of other stuff going on behind the scenes of Wamp. In the past week alone I have been busy chasing sponsors to finalise contest details, arranging product reviews and interviews, updating numerous bits of software on Wamp (which is slow going when you know jack all about websites!!) and just general organinsing - its suprising how many pm's I have to sort through each week - god help me if we ever hit the big time!!
I have also spent a fair amount of time solving a classified ads problem! The plan was to reinstate a classified ads system primarily aimed at low value product , you know the stuff - you have 4 plastic space marines or 20 round bases, you dont need them but not worth the hassle of putting on ebay but a simple quick post on wamp might earn you a little or even swapsies! Only problem is they stopped doing the software so its finding another way to achieve the same goal, its little things like that this that take up the time!! I stick post it notes on my worksapce wall as a reminder of things to do wamp wise - current count is 20 things - about average! Some of those things have been there for weeks or even months other will come and go in a day or two but theres always stuff to get done! Seems everyday something goes wrong with the site that needs fixing!!

Whilst all this was going on I had to try and find time to work on my Golden Deamon entry - a GW giant converted into a Deamon. This involved plenty of sculpting which meant slow going especially as my sculpting skills mean its a struggle to recreate Morph! Progress has been slow and so I took the decision the other day to put him aside for this years Games Day and attempt to get him done for next year instead - I dont want to rush him. I did that with the petulant engine last year and it nearly killed me and I wasnt happy with the result. So, what to do instead? As time is short I though I would just attempt one or two simple figures - nothing big or heavily converted - things just straight out the packet with the focus on simple but goodp paintjobs - something I have been missing for a while. I have 3 entries planned - will I get all three done? Probably not but if I can do two I would be pleased. I just need to find time to fit them in!!
I wont go into details on that as there will be a WIP thread about it. Seems though I like to make work for myself!!

So there we have a rather long winded and probably boring blog but I though it may interest some of you to hear things from my perspective.


Updated 26-08-2010 at 11:48 AM by Darklord

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  1. Boris's Avatar
    Appreciate how much time Wamp takes up for you Brett - and enjoy reaping the rewards from you doing it.
    Long may it last :)
  2. Hinton's Avatar
    Portal is a fantastic idea and it's great that so many people are downloading it.

    Hope you keep up the weekly updates.
  3. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    yep doing a mag is a much bigger project than it actually sounds. My first reaction was yeah it won't take much effort to knock out a magazine, how wrong I was, LOL.
  4. Darklord's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by warhammergrimace
    yep doing a mag is a much bigger project than it actually sounds. My first reaction was yeah it won't take much effort to knock out a magazine, how wrong I was, LOL.
    Im lucky in that Shane does most of it!! I did think that about a little website though!!
  5. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    The work you put in is greatly appreciated Brett and Portal is superb. Web thingies aren't exactly my area of expertise but if you want a hand with the 'grunt' work just holler. Nice to hear more about what goes on behind the scenes and I hope you can find the time to keep us updated.