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Into the wild

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So the move is done, were settling in to our new lives in South Africa, and Im getting the best suntan Ive had in years! :).
The bad thing is though, all of my hobby gear is still packed up safely and securely in the loft of my mother-in-law's house in Southampton, UK!

It will be interesting to see whether my style of painting and sculpting might change to adapt to my new surroundings. Apart from anything else, its quite nice to have a break from things seeing as I was well on my way to being stuck in a rut regarding the things I did hobby-wise.

Anyway, thanks for reading this first post in my blog... will try to update thing regularly!


Updated 03-08-2010 at 11:27 AM by Moth

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  1. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Good to hear you've settled in okay. What's the hobby scene like in S.A.?
  2. Darklord's Avatar
    good news on the move. Your painting will probably change for a couple of reasons - one the air temperature and humidity will alter the behaviour of your paints a little and also daylight colour changes depending where in the world you are so your colours will be slightly different to what they would be in the uk
  3. Leopardpixie's Avatar
    the painting will change. and you will hate your paints for it ;).. they will dry out way to fast for your liking. Look into a paint retarder, that may be your best friend to thin your paints.
  4. three little pigs's Avatar

    re Darklord and lp they are spot on you will need to change things around from what your used to, I now live in what is referred to as the "sunshine state" or Queensland (Tropical Australia) which while not hotter than down south (more like the med) where I came from it is constantly warm. A lovely winters day reached 26C two days ago.

    Along with retarder that LP mentioned look into a wet pallet, I will see if I can find a link. I came across it very recently and it looks a good idea for those of us in warmer climes.

  5. three little pigs's Avatar