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The Wonderful World of Radom!

The joy of painting mini mini's.

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Man, I painted a little robot from a company called "Studio Junger" a week or so ago. It was really tiny mini, I bet no taller than 8mm. I mounted it on a pre-cast base from Dragon Forge Design. So all in all very little prep work! A small mini like that can only have so much flash. I had the primer on in about 15 minutes. I was done painting around a couple hours afterwards, broken up into a couple small paint sessions.

What a super fun experience! I got to work start to finish on that little guy so I got the joys of seeing a mini completed, and I didn't have to compromise on quality. It only took two hours because it was such a small piece. I tried a brand new technique for me -painting scratch lines and battle damage - and tried a new concept on the base. I painted the base a light sand colour then added about 5 washes of wierd colours like orange and purple and green. Added a little pigment after and that was it. Looked OK, and very non labour intensive.

So I got to have a lot of fun, try some new stuff out, and not take shortcuts on the mini all while getting that satisfaction of a completed job after only a couple hours. That's awesome! I think everyone should take some time and prep up a few little tiny gems for side projects or in between projects. If you're investing many hours in a larger mini I found it so rewarding to break up the projects I was working on with the little guy I did. And there is no guilt that I usually get from starting yet another project and putting it into my pile of "I'll paint this one day..." which is an enormous lie. That pile can go suck it, I ain't never painting any of those mini's!

I have been keeping my eye out for pieces similar to the robot I painted. Wyrd mini's has lots of little things, they look very interesting. GW is re-releasing their old range of familiars later in the year. I should pick them up. And of course, some Flames of War 15mm infantry should be just the thing too.

All in all I am pretty excited to discover the joys of painting a style of mini I previously didn't give much credit too. Fun times!
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    its a great little piece and like you said sometimes taking a break from the bigger stuff is a welcome distraction. Certainly can be more motivational if you only have a couple of hourse to kill, more exciting than getting a small part of a bigger project done.
    Think you've inspired me to get some stuff prepped up and do the same. I have a set of gretchin I fancy painting up and I may get these prepped and do an odd one when I have a couple f hours to kill or just fancy something different
  2. Boris's Avatar
    cool stuff Scott. I went back to my 15mm aliens the other day for a break too. Don't think I could go smaller though - hurts my eyes.
  3. Pipeline's Avatar
    yea! suck it, pile! /me awaits a few 15mm Essex armies for DBA.
  4. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    I have a lot of 1/72 scale to paint, including nearly 300 Spartans, and a ton of WW2 stuff.