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In Chigh

Times change so quickly on the interweb..

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Due to the incompetence of several British telephony companies i have been offline for 4-5 weeks recently, and what a pain in the arse its been i can tell ya!

I come back online and my fav sites have changed into something different

This place seems to be 'distancing' itself from CMON (am i right in presuming this?)

The members here rarely post on CMON anymore, and that guy who isnt called Dave has given up the Miniature exchange!!

Whats happening guys?

Interweb rivalry? Did someone piss someone off somewhere?
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  1. shanerozzell's Avatar
    Good to have you back. I can't speak for everyone here but I am certainly not distancing myself from CMoN (I posted some mini pics on there last week). I just think we are trying to get a stronger identity of our own and hopefully, with the reviews and merchandise , get a louder voice in the miniature and war gaming arena.

    I feel WAMP is a more friendly place to post my views than the other forums out there but I'm also a member of Miniature-Heroes, Historica Forma and The Basement forums. Here I feel the regular contributors are always willing to help and comment on anything and everything.

    I hope this is still one of your favorite places on the web.:biggrin:
  2. Darklord's Avatar
    Hey In Chigh nice to see you back.
    This place isnt anti cmon (in fact just last week we ran an interview with Chern!!) I think its just different aspects of different sites suit people. I continue to post my work on there but I prefer the feedback I get here and a lot of people just prefer the forum here. I dont buy much GW stuff - doesnt mean I dont like them!
  3. Boris's Avatar
    Nice to have you back - after being offline for 6 weeks earlier this year I know how frustrating it can be.
    There have been some new subjects in the threads recently, but WAMP still feels the same. I've not seen any antiCMoN behaviour. I don't go on there myself as much as I used to, but that's cos I have less time and WAMP is just...easier for me. I prefer the atmosphere, but it's preference not anything against CMoN.
    Hope to see you around more!
  4. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I still go over on to CMON but do not post as much I feel that if you want good responce it has to be a GW 40k model, but here we have such a diverse membership that you get good advice whatever you post. I also like the fact I know almost everyone posting on here where as the huge size of CMON makesthat impossible
  5. Undave's Avatar
    I'm not distancing myself from CMoN I just don't go there as much as I used to. They just don't seem to talk as much random crap any more... I think that's important in a forum.
  6. In Chigh's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies folks, a LOT of good points there. The GW thing especially, and yea, there doesnt seem to be much in the way of random crap/fun there these days (i didnt help matters by 'killing' Vikeys sniping thread with a dodgy comment

    Im hoping the mini exchange can survive though, im right behind ollieholmes with that, but it seems not many are truly up for it. My main concern is that we will get a lot more 'flagged' people there than unflagged people. Time will tell i guess....

    Thanks again for your thoughts :)

  7. ScottRadom's Avatar
    I poke my head in there, and certainly keep putting up mini's. My traffic has slowed down a little now as I find that there isn't quite the same level of mini talk there used to be. Every now and then I'll whip in and post 6 or so comments on some of the discussed submission entries but that's about it. Defo nothing personal against the site or the reg posters.