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Into The Wamp

Messing with my mojo

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SO, i'm sure it happens to most men once they reach a certain age, and while not all would be comfortable with discussing it in public I believe its important to get it out in the open. You know the score, everything goes well for ages, you perform well and the pleasure is there but after a while the magiic can fade and you start to avoid it, the fun is gone and you wonder whether you can ever be the same man again.
Yep I must admit I have the embarassing afliction......I've lost my paint-fu!
Its been a few weeks now since I last painted - the last attempt being a botched attempt that was scrapped, this perhaps tipped mee over the edge. The mini previously was probably my finest ever work, maybe the pressure or eaching those heady heights again subconsciously put me off? For someone that paints on 6 out of 7 days a week usually its a marked downtunn. Comissions are waiting, Golden Demon grows ever closure and a new ladder challenge awaits yet I just dont have the steam. I'll be honest my depression is pretty bad right now and the physical (if not the mental) symptons the worst I have endured but I dont think thats the problem, at least not the whole problem.
So what to do? Do I just force myself to paint something? Maybe a sacrificial piece or some sculpt I really love but have been putting off? What if it goes wrong? Will that send me further down the spiral of mini-painting doom? Its a risky strategy but so is sitting and waiting.
Luckily theres a painters get together in a few days and I'm hoping that will prove inspirational (as well no doubt as frustrating seeing all those gorgeous examples of someone with a brush some paint and a small piece of metal can achieve, it does pang on the heart knowing I will never achieve that!) But generally its an inspiration and I usually return from these trips with painting amibition sky high.
Heres hoping that happens!!


  1. Boris's Avatar
    Feel for you DL. My advice, paint a pink marine. It's the perfect cure. You really can't care too much, but you kinda care enough just because you know what you're doing will really p*ss someone else off :)
    Hope it comes back soon buddy - it usually does.
  2. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I say get down figure world let us slap you better. No I would say find one of those plater mould kits for kids (the one were you cast it then paint it) and do one with your kids its still painting and it may be you going again
  3. Simon.W's Avatar
    I would say go to the painters get together and in the meantime just do something fun, easy and enjoyable to get the good vibes happening again and give yourself a few positive affirmations and listen to some music that might help you focus and relax a little better like something classical, but don`t let it defeat you it`s just a temporary setback Brett.
  4. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    I'd echo what's been said above. Just paint, anything will do and don't bother about the standard, it keeps your painting cells ticking over until the muse strikes again. The worst thing you can do is stop as the 'wall' just gets higher. Your paint-fu will return, see ya Saturday bud.
  5. Iacton's Avatar
    Well, it's not just you right now mate, so don't worry there. You only have to look at the lack of output in the different forums (mostly by Brit painters) right now to know that there's plenty of us at the same stage.
    What to do? Getting inspiration from somewhere is important - if it's the GD piece that you're fretting over making a start on, why not read a GW book or flick through one of the art books - I have loads if you want to borrow one or 2?
    Of course the meet should help gee you up too, especially when you see people like me and Nigel have done as per usual, and will be pulling all nighters all through September...

    As far as the "what if?" question goes - If it is a piece that you are just going to paint without conversion, then there's nothing much to fear. Make sure your paint is thin and have fun. Plan your colour schemes loosely, play with odd colours. There is "no" risk...

    It becomes a harder and harder thing to take the 1st step and make a start, and the more you put it off, the closer you get to the point where it is no longer feasible to make a start. Don't let that happen, grasp the nettle and physically push yourself. That 1st step is always the hardest one, but it gets easier every time...

    See you Saturday where the marsh dweller, baldy Yarkshermun and myself shall mercilessly "encourage" you!!
  6. shanerozzell's Avatar
    I know what you're going through. That Brutal mini was the first I'd finished in close to 6 months. This place helped me, kept me in touch and showed me what everyone else was doing. I'm lucky if I get bored I move onto something else, graphics, drawing, 3d and now real sculpting. If all else fails I have xbox 360 and plenty of books to read. It'll come back cos since I did the true human I did seamus and I've nearly finished my base for the AoW comp.
  7. Captain Sprout's Avatar
    I found the comp with LB put my modelling fu back on track as it was encouraging to be involved with something groupish. I'd paint anything at all and just post up with it basically assembled and a few brush strokes..people here will then get you going.

    WAMP encouragement, can't beat it.
  8. Darklord's Avatar
    Thanks for the encouragement guys. Decided to start my ladder challenge mini against talespinner out - just a simple human mini with a simple paintjob hopefully that will get me going again!
  9. Lost Boy's Avatar
    Pick a figure you REALLY want to do, then make a base for it. Once you've painted it then you'll want to paint the figure that goes with it...I think...

    Either that or start drinking a lot, then you won't care whether it works...
  10. ScottRadom's Avatar
    Grab a 5 man plastic unit and bang 'er out! Or take up drinking, LB is on to something there. I guess you could do both things!
  11. Iacton's Avatar
    Don't take up drinking. Getting vomit out of your bits box is enough to put you off for life...
  12. Lost Boy's Avatar
    Yeah, but when the bits dry and go hard then he's got some ready-made rocks for scenery...