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Boris' Ramblings

100 pushup challenge

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Yup - this post is not about painting, or minis. It's about excercise.....wait!...come back!

Are you still here? Well I'd lilke to tell you about a challenge I have recently picked up the gauntlet for. It's to do 100 pushups (pressups) consecutively.
Sounds hard right?

If you've met me, or seen a pic you'll know I am an 8 (and a bit) stone weakling with no muscles in my arms - I mean, I can barely lift a paintbrush.
So, yeah, I can't do pressups and it's always kinda been a bit embarrassing.

I was intrigued when a friend posted his Facebook status as a bunch of comma delimited numbers (20,15,10,20,25). Nope, not the numbers from 'Lost' these were his pressups counts for the day. I went to the website out of curiosity and had a nose around.

Apparently, after only 6 weeks they reckon you to can manage 100 pushups in a row. There's a little test at the start - do as many as you can until you collapse in a sweaty heap on the floor - just don't forget to count how many you did. Using this number (mine was 10 - and tbh there wasn't much of a bend in my arms) you can work out which part of the table you should follow. There are only 3 columns so it's not confusing.

Then, 3 times a week it gives you some numbers and you need to do as many pressups as the numbers tell you to. You get a break in between each set, and the final set you are given a minimum number but you're supposed to do as many as you can. It takes like 5-10 mins max per day.

I've just finished week one, and this morning my total number of pressups was 49. Ok, they weren't in a row - but still I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
To be fair, I'm doing pressups on my knees, as doing proper ones nearly killed me. But, I plan to go back to the start of the challenge when I'm done and do it all again the proper way - as I should have arms that can cope!

There is a logger tool on the website, so it's easy to update your total after each session.

It's amazing though, it's a small thing to do each day, it doesn't take long, but I feel really proud after each session cos I did more than before. Exercise is actually making me feel good! Who knew that could happen?

They also have other challenges on the site, 200 squats (not going to happen with my knees), 200 situps (dear god!) and coming soon, 25 pullups (I rather fancy this one).

If you fancy giving it a go, it doesn't matter how fit you are to start with, you know you're going to improve, and how awesome will it be to know you can do 100 pressups in a row?
For me, that's a real incentive!
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    sounds intruiging - trying to build push ups into my exercise regime and can only do a few 'proper' ones at a time with my extra weight! so the rest are done kneeling too. I may give this ago. keepus updated becca
  2. Hinton's Avatar
    Sounds interesting, Becca. Good luck with that!

    Will you be posting a video of you doing 100 consecutive push-ups?
  3. War Griffon's Avatar
    OK its Official I hate you for this, I've just done the initial test and will be starting this on Monday of next week.
  4. Boris's Avatar
    :D Video of the 100 consecutive you say? Hmm, I think that's a challenge I will take.
    Week 2, Day 1 starts tomorrow. I might just have to start a proper thread for this... I notice WG you're not saying what your initial result was!
  5. War Griffon's Avatar
    Nope but then I have age on my side and it was more than 10

    I tried the sit ups one after that so I will be starting them both next week, ouch those sit ups hurt, not done those in a long long time.
  6. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I used to do this it is amazing how easy it is when you build up slow. I used to do them at the end of my yoga started with 20 added a couple each day, not sure how many I could do now does resting on your belly and rolling count?