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Exiles Painting (one mans fight against the lead mountain)

The straw that broke the camels back.

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Well I was trying to go through a year with out buying any figures but last Sunday I helped Paul at my local Model shop at the Cheshire Militaire show. After a long days work Paul wanted to offer me some figures in way of thanks. Now I have plenty of FOW awaiting paint so I declind his kind offer, till the Monday. On Monday I dropped off some of the stuff from the show at his shop and saw this in his cabinet.

On the spot I decided I wanted to paint it so I asked Paul to give it to me with a discount, he agreed and it came home with me. The picture above is after a little cleaning. I just love the detail on this figure and cant wait to get on with it.

But I have a few things to complete before I can start on the bust so I will get it clean and undercoated, then it will wait till I have done the Tea wars figures, the 1/35th Modern figures and some 15mm Seven Years War Hussars.

I will produce a WIP thread when I start and I will need all your help as it is a first bust and the largest scale I have attempted.

Peace James
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  1. In Chigh's Avatar
    yes, hanging around model shops is just asking for trouble hehe

    Looking forward to seeing this one take shape :)
  2. Hinton's Avatar
    Which is why it's probably a good thing there isn't a store around these parts that actually carries minis. Like Exile, my resolve would be broken too easily.

    It does look like a nice model.
  3. ScottRadom's Avatar
    The only mistake is making such a stupid resolution! Give yourself.... to the DARK side. I can go maybe a month without buying a mini. I was actually on a bit of an unkowing break. 6 weeks or so! But that was mostly accidental as I was caught up in other projects. I am caving this weekend when I order that Scibor Uglyn Lovelord.

    I look forward to the WIP. I haven't had the urge to do a bust yet. Maybe this will spark things?