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Gaming on a Budget

RPG Free Day

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Yes, folks that time has come again, its RPG Free Day. A day where publishing companies give free products away at LGS's around the world. Most of the freebies are quickstart rules and adventures, some of the highlights include a Dark Sun adventure from Wizards, a Deathwatch adventure for 40K Roleplay, oh yeah there is a new RPG coming soon called Deathwatch rpg 40K, I'll try and get a copy to review on here, I'm like a kid in a candy store about this one, other highlights include Prime Directive quickstart for all you trekkies, Pathfinder Module and much much more.

So when is this happening I hear you say, well the 19th June, next Saturday, so get down to your nearest participating store and grab some freebies.

You can check on the RPG free day webiste for stores near you, those in Sheffield its at Patriot Games.
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    never knew about that - great idea. Thanks for letting us know Jason
  2. shanerozzell's Avatar
    I have the DS box set and it was kind of a non starter for WOTC, like Planescape, not overly supported as much as Drangonlance or FR. Very intersted on Deathwatch. I have run a game that lasted for over a year based on the 40K universe using my own rules so looking forward to that.
    Thanks Warhammergrimace:biggrin:
  3. MonkeyShaman's Avatar
    See stuff like this is important, they should tell you these things up front.

    It's not necro if it's annual right?