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Boris' Ramblings

Many Shades of Grey

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A couple of weeks back, during a Sheffield Irregulars painting session we found ourselves once again discussing what paints people had brought with them. This topic is a time honoured friend, and the traditional response should include numerous shades of brown for some reason - but this time around someone had a lot of grey.

If the concept of 'Green Grey' and 'Grey Green' looking very different is too much for you to wrap your mind around you may want to stop stripping with nitromors. However, this did spark a discussion about the variety of grey paints available, and we decided to set a challenge for a future session - we'd only be allowed to paint with bottles with grey in the title, plus one black and one white pot each.

This is tentatively set for the second Sunday in June, and today in town we stopped in Wargames Emporium to check out exactly what Vallejo had on offer - to add to mine and Warhammergrimmace's existing paint horde.
There was a 10 pots for 15 offer on, so we bought 4 each plus I needed some flesh colours (Rose Brown and Basic Skintone).

It's amazing how much variety there actually is in the 8 bottles of grey paint we purchased.
Grey Blue - it's a very nice blue
Basalt Grey - a nice rocky grey
Stone Grey - has some yellow and red tones and looks like a pale suede colour
Olive Grey - the bottle is very green - heading towards scaly green!
Pale Grey Blue - much pales than the stone grey, and much colder
Khaki Grey - basically it's a yellow brown
Dark Sea Grey - lots of warm red/purple tones making it a very soft brown
Light Sea Grey - perfect title, it's like a grey aqua

This doesn't reflect anywhere near the full breadth of the VMC grey range - there's a lot!

I think this mini challenge will be a lot of fun, it's a great way to try new colours from various ranges and to really play with tone. I'm not sure what I'm going to paint up yet - and given that we'll have about 3 hours it's never going to be a masterpiece, but it should be interesting.
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    Ive done limited palette painting a couple of times before (one using only blue, one using just black and white. gives interesting results and helps push your painting especially thinking about lighting
  2. NathanS's Avatar
    This seems really interesting I might have to try it out some time. I do stick to a limited palette to several minis of mine in the past.
  3. Noddwyr's Avatar
    Gonna have to try this out some time. Always wanted to do a limited palette scene. Looking forward to seeing what you do.