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In Chigh

5th March 2010

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Last weekend saw me (eventually) finish my trench dio, and this week ive continued painting more of my Westwind stuff, 3 of the german zombies. Uniforms almost done, although the camo jacket hasnt come out well in this pic, it should be more apparent after matt varnishing.


I got some nice 40mm bases from Micro-art this week, one of which i plan to use for a Chaos spawn. This was my first attempt at painting lava. unfortunately for me it looks better in these pics than in real light :p


I also recently built this great little 1/72 scale Kettenkrad from Academy, 14 parts, took about an hour. This comes with a kubelwagen so ive put it away untill ive built that, and paint them together (whenever that might be)


In other news:

Work is picking up a bit now the weather has started to behave a bit more respectably, so i guess it wont be long untill im in that horrible position of having little time for models but more money to buy them!

This weeks top favourite on youtube has 2 cool elements: a fine tune and some Star-Trek trippiness:

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