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Taking the Pith

'Ere ta fix your gubbinz!

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Just been doing a bit of Orkifyin' to the Mek Wrekka.

There's still a bit to do on the Mek and various other bits that need finishing off but I'm well pleased with the way this is looking. I may even get round to giving it a spanking red paint job.

Updated 27-05-2010 at 01:24 PM by Darklord

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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    ooh this could be good
  2. Iacton's Avatar
    A red paint job? Interesting....
  3. Undave's Avatar
    Red wunz go fasta!

    It just goes to show how much red I paint, I'm only halfway through a pot of blood red I got over ten years ago. I'll be having a go at that weird green wash that you showed me so if it goes fubar it's all your fault Scott!
  4. three little pigs's Avatar
    Wot in the bay jasus!

    will it get eyes on the front and a phat controller?