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Taking the Pith

One of them blog thingies.

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I've never had a blog before. The reason may be something to do with my innate distrust in social networking sites. It completely mystifies me why some complete stranger would take an avid interest in what I had for breakfast or how many times I went to the toilet yesterday. Nor would I be remotely interested in the insipid details of anyone else's daily life. Don't even get me started on "friends"...

Anyway seeing as everyone else seems to have one I thought I might as well follow the herd and start one of these blog thingies up if only so fellow WaMPers can marvel at how short my attention span is.

This week I are been mostly buildin'... Orks!

I got one of those pre-made vehicles from Ramshackle Games (as opposed to the modular ones) to turn into a Mek Wrekka Wagon and I'd made a half arsed attempt to Orkify it. When I was in town earlier I was chatting to the guys in GW and we got on to the subject of this new tank related supplement in next month's White Dwarf. I started to get a few ideas in my head and remembered the Mek Wrekka and the Deffdredd I got at Salute. I had intended to get some Killa Kanz too but there had been a problem with the packaging and they were all withdrawn. Seeing as I had some time on my hands I bought a box of Kanz and spent a pleasant (if rather warm) afternoon assembling them.
I've had three metal Kanz kicking around my Ork bits boxs for ages now so I'm planning on using some of the spare parts to bring them a little more up to date. One of them is actually one of the old 2nd ed. Ork Dreadnoughts I bought off Ebay with the intention of embiggening it for use as a Deffdredd but it turned out to be far too small, in fact it's exactly the right size for a kan but cost twice the price... Still at least it adds a bit of variety.

I haven't worked out any points yet but hopefully the finished kontingent will comprise:
1 Big Mek wiv kustom force field,
1 Big Mek wiv kustom megablasta
12 Burnaboys crammed into a looted vehicle armed wiv a skorcha,
15 Tankbustaz in a Battlewagon
2 Deffdreddz
Possibly some Trukkboyz
Da Mek Wrekka
and 6 Killa Kanz

That ort to sort out any oomie tanks and all da squishies dey might be karryin'!

Updated 25-05-2010 at 09:58 AM by Darklord

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  1. exilesjjb's Avatar
    welcome to the blogg thingy.. reminds me I must update mine LOL
  2. Darklord's Avatar
    youve popped your blog cherry - was it good for you honey?
    Look foward to seeing this deveop - I like your style of orks. Dont see any barrel boys on that list though
  3. Undave's Avatar
    Ooh yeah baby I'm all blogged out!

    The Barrel boyz go with da Horde kontingent, put all da kontingents together and I'll have a massive Waaaaagh Steel Eejits.
    So far the Waaaagh includes:-
    Da Horde: Boyz, Barrel Boyz, Kommandoz, Stormboyz and Nobz on foot led by Kernul Krood,
    Da Kult ov Speed: Bikes, Buggies, Skorchaz, Trukk Boyz and Deffkoptaz led by Orkira (Wazdakka clone),
    Da Mek kontingent: see above,
    Da Stompa Mob: Only one Stompa so far but there are two more in the works.

    Future additions may include some Freebooter pirates, Lootaz and a giant Shokk Tellyporta mounted on a looted Baneblade chassis. The plan is to use it in Apocalypse games to "fire" mobs of Boyz and deepstrike them into the enemy.
  4. Darklord's Avatar
    Id love to do an old freebooter ork. The first WD mag I ever got had them in, but that was about 20 years ago!