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Boris' Ramblings

The horror

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Last night, at the end of our gaming session we started planning what we would play in a fortnight's time and decided a version of Songs of Blades and Hero's /Flying Lead with cowboys.
This means we all need to create a warband and get the minis together in advance.

As I don't have a back catalog of painted minis I usually borrow from WarhammerGrimmace or Keeper, but this time I need to sort out my own.
I do in fact have a couple of blisters of Cobblestone minis that would be suitable - I even have a random Lone Ranger mini!
My problem is getting them painted up for 2 weeks time.

I have the Sunday SI painting session as a good opportunity for painting stuff up, and taking a break from my Euro entry - but trying to paint up 5 minis in 3.5 hours is just not something I have managed before.

As previously mentioned, I am not a fast painter. During the speed paint at Salute last year I failed to cover the entire figure in 45mins!
Even a table top figure for me usually takes 6-8 hrs (including prep).

I reacted in horror when Keeper suggested that I don't bother spending much time cleaning up the minis as they are just for gaming. This completley floored me, the concept had not occurred to me before that it would acceptable to have minor mould lines showing - not because I missed them, but because I chose to ignore them!

I still feel uncomfortable with the idea - BUT it will mean that it won't take long to get the models set up.

My plan for prepping is:
  • Clean off any flash (but leave mouldlines)
  • Fix models to bases ( I hardly ever do this normally)
  • Spray prime

The guys have allowed that I don't have to finish painting the models - as long as all parts have paint on they will be acceptable for playing with (on this occasion), Keeper also said I should block colour instead of my usual basecoat routine. This means I won't be using as many layers and the paint will need to be more opaque. *shudder*

I am worried though, that if i don't finish them I won't ever want to go back and do more work on them. I'm also sure that I will look at them with disgust whilst I game with them, and may even make my warband a little suicidal. (Is this a cunning plan by the guys to make sure I loose?)

I really feel unclean just at the thought of approaching the models in this way - as it goes against everything I've learnt in the last few years. However, it may mean I actually have some gaming minis painted and ready to play with.

So my plan for the next two Sunday painting sessions is to prep and paint 5 minis for a cowboy warband - a total of 7-8 hours, less than an hour a mini :(

To make up for not working on my Euro entry - or finishing off Heyu and Baby Death in these sessions I will be painting at home on Saturday.
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  1. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I have two words for you Army Painter, cover the figure with base tones then slap on the army painter, a few highlight and a matt varnish and robert is your mothers brother. BTW even before AP I used to turn out TT at 5-6 in a session (2-2.5 hours)
    Good luck if you need any advice drop me a PM
  2. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    Its your own fault Boz, as it was you who suggested wild west, and no one has any wild west minis painted up. You then promted Keeper in turn to build a 3D version of the Brutal board. I have about 10 US dismounted cavalry to paint up in the same time, you should have picked fantasy, there would have been no need to paint anything then.
  3. Vern's Avatar
    Try & maximise your paint - if you paint one guys trews brown, them paint another's jacket brown at the same time (will also give you posse some homogeneity). Also give them all top notch gaming bases (really make them pop), a good base works wonders for tabletop (coz they're mainly seen from above in gaming)

    Good luck!
  4. Darklord's Avatar
    base coat then devlan mud the lot. as for leaving mould lines on - god no couldnt do it!
  5. Boris's Avatar
    Well the minis have been speed prepped - I ignored the mould lines (there aren't many) and snapped off flash with my fingers (oh yeah!). They then got glued to slotta bases and primed. Today I filled in the slotta gaps with filler.

    I doubt I'll have much time for fancy bases - but I'm hoping my new silfur tufts will come in handy!

    Thanks for the suggestions folks - I am def going to go with Vern's suggestion for using the same colours across them all. I'll post pics soon!
  6. Undave's Avatar
    In the time it took you to write that blog entry you could have de-mouldlined the entire posse. Get your priorities straight woman!