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Into The Wamp

Now what?

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So with Little Angels just about complete barring the chess set auction and a few loose ends a major slice of the last 6 months of my life is coming to an end. So what now? Well I would be lying if i didnt say I was relieved for it to be over. Im immensly proud of the project from both a personal point of view and from Wamp point of view, but it has been a drain on my time. Theother big drain on my time has been the new site. IM not a computer programmer or website designer, heck Ive only just learnt to use image tags! so getting the new site up took an age but you learn a lot and it means I am hopefully more independant in keeping things running smoothly in the future. The site is pretty much there. There's a few more tweaks here and there but nothing major.

So it means I get a little time to do other stuff again, never enough time though!! First thing I did was pick up the brushes again. I love painting, I get the chance during holidays to paint 40 hours a week sometimes and I can do that quite happily. I paint 6 days a week wether that be for half an hour or a whole day, as long as I get some paint splahsed around im happy. I find it soothing, so not to have painted for 6 weeks or so was tough! Still as excited as I was to get back into painting I was actulaly pretty nervous, so I've just been painting a few quick pieces for ebay, shake off the cobwebs. I even found time to paint for a couple of contests: the warlord contest and the ladder. Its been nice to get going again and while I will continue with ebay pieces my attention is turning to longer term painting projects.

Last year I painted almost exclusively for the wamp contest but this year I dont intend to enter any except the warlord contest. THeres enough members these days to ensure a decent number of entries leaving me with more personbal goals.

Im hoping to begin my main (if not only!) Golden Demon entry for september. Its a pretty big project amd whilst i have no aims for winning a demon this year pushing my skills is the foremost objective. Its something I have neglected the last year or two, always having deadlines and constraints. Hopefully this will give me the chance to have some artistic freedom and more importantly fun! Its a strange feeling for me to have to choose what to paint constantly instead of looking at a 'to do' list or calendar! I may even find time to embark on some sculpting.

There are more wamp projects coming up in the future and I am excited about them but they can wait a while, after all, the paintbrushes are calling!


  1. Boris's Avatar
    great news DL - enjoy
  2. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Well done Brett, it's your dedication and hard work that makes this site what it is, as well as the brilliant members of course. It's all too easy to lose the main reason we do what we do, so enjoy your painting.
  3. ScottRadom's Avatar
    FREEEEEEDDDDOOOOOOMMMM! Enjoy it. Nothing more satisfying then being able to paint what you want, when you want to! Actually, after I gave up commission work I was daunted, in the good way, about what to do next. It's a great feeling.
  4. Iacton's Avatar
    Get on with it, or I'll beat you with a poopy stick
  5. NathanS's Avatar
    Sounds like one hell of a plan mate.
  6. GreyHorde's Avatar
    Very cool, Brett! It's nice to bring big projects to closure and then spend some time taking stock, looking around for the next project and having the freedom to pick & choose. Relax and enjoy it!