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Exiles Painting (one mans fight against the lead mountain)

What A day

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As some of you may know I work nights so once I have dropped my wife off at work its home and bed for me we are talking 08:00. So this morning I got home told the dogs to behave and climbed the stairs to bed. I awoke with a start and looked to my alam clock to see what time it was, only the clock was blank!!. I hauled myself out of bed and down stairs to see if the main had tripped, upon getting down I spied the problem one of my little angels had got board and found something to chew... the power cable to my phone and internet hub. I can only imagine his face when the cable gave him a shock, I checked in on the dogs and they were both ok looking as if butter would not melt in there mouths. Anyway I unpluged the cable turned the power back on and back to bed 10:00. I was woken again by a knocking at the door, as I am waiting for a few parcels in the post I haul ass down stair and oopen the door... it the friggin rag and bone man. I gave him my best p**s off stare and shut the door back to bed 11:30.
I did manage to get some good sleep so after tea I was able to hit the painting table. I put the last few touches to my Tiger Tank and almost finnished the first of the Tea Wars figures before I moved on to another current project. I have paired up with my Local Model shop owner Paul and we are going to do a diorama to enter in this years Euromilitaire, only problem being I have not modeled since I was 10. We have a great plan I will paint the figures (should be safe with that) and Paul will do any armour. So to get me back into the model painting grove and for Paul to see that I can produce the quality need I am doing a 4 man squad of USA troops from Iraq, at the moment I am still sticking them together but when done I will produce a WIP thread so you can all rip me to pieces.
Well I have waffled on enough for now I hope to get a full days sleep today and then finnish the Tea Wars figure, start my Panther tanks and stick the last Iraq guy together.

Peace James
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    our puppy chewed through my scalextrix wire I got a nice shock when I turned it on!
    The Euromilitaire project sounds good, look forwrad to hearing more about it.