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Gaming on a Budget

Two Classic RPG's which are now free.

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OK, continuing with the RPG theme again, though this time I'm going to be looking at two classic RPG's from my teens. Both were originally published by TSR. I played both in my teenage years and enjoyed both of these gaames.

The first up is Marvel Super Heroes, yep, its on-line and free to download, and its not on some dodgy file sharing site either. This game was first published in the 80's and was really aimed at first time gamers, with reasonably simple rule set, though it really took off with gamers when TSR intoduced the advanced set.

This is a really fun game to play, the chance to play a super heroe straight from the comic book, a really great laugh.

The game can be downloaded from two sites;

These are currently free to download, and well worth grabbing for a fun evening of playing your fav superhero. There is enough material n buth of the two sites provided here to keep you all busy playing for some time. So don the the tights and pants on the outside, sling a bedsheet around your neck, play those superheroes from childhood and give the baddies a dam good thrashing, LOL.

My next offering is another classic offering from TSR, this time it's Star Frontiers, another 80's RPG. This is set in a Sci-Fi universe, and was my prefered choice of sci-fi gaming. I have played both this game and Traveller, preferring this over Traveller every time.

Star Frontiers had four main races. First off, of course, are the humans. Every game has humans. And the other three weren't even that original - you had the anthropomorphic monkey aliens called the Yazirians, the anthropomorphic bug people called the Vrusk, and the blob critters called the Dralasites.

Its a 2 D10 percentile system, which made it a very slick and easy system to learn and play. I loved playing this game and the expansion Knight Hawks, the starship combat expansion. Because all of a sudden, we were no longer limited to laser blasters in corridors. Now we could fire assault rockets at Sathar cruisers, and dogfight with pirate fighters.

The core rule book and all supplements can be downloaded here;

There are also plenty of additional material and resources on the net, just type Star Frontiers in to google for a ton of links.

So grab yourself a couple of classic RPG's and keep you and your friends entertained for hours.
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    thanks Jason
  2. David's Avatar
    Bloody hell! I owned both of those. If I dig deep, I can probably still rustle up my copy of MSH. Off to download I go :-)
  3. David's Avatar
    Oops! Just noticed this is a year old. Doh!