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The idea

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Ive had plenty of business ideas over the years, but none Ive ever felt so passionate about. It capitalizes on my strengths and sounds fun as hell. Ive never owned a small business before and always aspired to own one, so I began researching. Things looked good so

Im going to open an escape room business. This blog will document the development of the business.

Im fortunate enough to have a great group of friends who are super creative, clever and supportive. I pitched the idea to them and they wanted in. Each bring various strengths to the group and together are well positioned to deliver an amazing experience. Off to a great start!

We are based in Portland Oregon, AKA PDX. We came up with PDXscape as our name, filed the LLC and got our website started:

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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    loving this Pete, really wish you the best of luck with it and keep us posted
  2. Brambleten's Avatar
    Fingers crossed everything goes well Pete, enjoy yourself :)
  3. waghorn41's Avatar
    Wish you every success in your new endeavour
  4. vegascat's Avatar
    Good Luck Pete! If I'm ever able to make it out, I definitely want to see it!
  5. Sparks's Avatar
    Nice one! Love this sort of thing!