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Into The Wamp

Bringing in the New Year

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Happy New Year Wampers!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. This time of year is traditionally one of new beginnings and for many of us a time to plan the year ahead, to dream of dream, create bucket lists or just vow to do some things better. Inevitably we fail on many but the belief is there.

While I don't hold with New Year resolutions myself it is a good time to spring clean the to do list.

So with that I have taken a little time to assess things Wamp wise (as well as personally). 2014 was a strange year. Personally it was a relatively good one. No family bereavements, no emergency housing or long lists of broken appliances. We moved where we finally wanted to be, the kids settled in well and my long road to fitness began well. So this year will be as you were really.
For Wamp though it was a year of re-adjustment after 2013's manic and rather problematic year. I was playing catch up due to a lack of personal time and things changed in several ways.

While the list of tasks still continues to lengthen quicker than it shortens in the main things are more settled and I can look to push some things forward so I thought I might talk a little about that.

First things first is the kickstarter due later this month. I am sure you are all aware of the impending Brush range and I am busy behind the scenes trying to get this set up. As a first time crowdfunder its a big learning curve and I am higely grateful for the input of others (especially Brambleton) and while there is a healthy dose of trepidation theres lashings of excitement in there too!

While that is going on I am also trying get the ball rolling on the Charityworks project. Its been a long term scheme and it is finally nearing launch. I have the first test sculpt already in hand with another been cast as we speak. I have high hopes for this project I just need to find time to get the logistics set up around the kickstarter.

Longer term for the year April will see us celebrate 10 years of Wamp so there are plans afoot for celebrating that in some form or another

Later in the year I hope to be able to announcce WAMP2015 a return of our live event but a new bigger format. 2015 will also see the launch of the first Wamp Workshop offering expert in person painting tuition.

There will of course be other exciting things down the line but for now these are taking up plenty of time.

Best put down the last of the Christmas Chocolate and get some work done!
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  1. vegascat's Avatar
    All sounds good brother! Looks like 2015 will be the year of WAMP with all the good stuff going on. Just curious, will Portal be making a comeback this year?
  2. Brambleten's Avatar
    Who's this Brambleton? I see the name pop up everywhere but I've never seen them post anything ;)

    Looking forward to seeing everything unfold, hope everything goes to plan for the year.

    VC - As fas as I am aware Sparks is trying his best to keep everything ticking over but when everyone involved is doing it on their own time it can sometimes stall a little when real life takes over for even one or two people. That said, he is doing a rather nifty job with the Facebook page at the moment to keep the name visible.
  3. Darklord's Avatar
    Portal will most certainly be here in 2015. Its basically become a voluntary thing now. As Alex says its done by folks fitting in their spare time so takes a good while longer.

    As for Brambleton hes a Mackem sympathiser
  4. vegascat's Avatar
    Don't get me wrong guys, I wasn't complaining, as I'd assumed it was always voluntary, but was just curious. Sparks is doing an amazing job with the Facebook page! I actually have a hard time keeping up with his postings and the mini-comp he's doing there has been a lot of fun to watch.

    From what I hear, this Brambleton person is an all around amazing person, able to leap small buildings in a single bound. :)