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Shifting the Blog

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As much as I like blogging here on WAMP, it reaches a small audience. Joining the 6MMRPC made me realize that I need group support (therapy?), and site membership requirements prevent that support from shared links and casual readers. So, 6MMRPC posts and other content will go on a rebuilt Blogger page - . Don't worry, you can't get rid of me that easily. I will still be here, just doing a little less blogging.

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  1. vegascat's Avatar
    The problem with blogs here on wamp is that they really don't get the same eye time as the regular threads. That's why I went to a continuous WIP thread - more people see it and give feedback (usually). In any case, I'll stalk you on your blog too. :)
  2. GreyHorde's Avatar
    Yep - regular WIP threads are definitely seen more than blogs and usually get more feedback. Unfortunately, my last WIP thread on WAMP went a month before the first comment, and by then I had sort of moved on. Similar content on Reaper forums fared a bit better, but then I stopped posting to focus on painting for Gen Con. I suppose I could revive both of those threads, at least enough to put up a couple of new photos and link to the new studio blog. Thanks for stalking! I think. ;-) Yes, I'm okay with that.
    Updated 09-10-2014 at 05:35 AM by GreyHorde
  3. Darklord's Avatar
    I see you
  4. GreyHorde's Avatar
    Peeping Tom!