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6MMRPC update - September 28

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While I lost some time this week to illness and several family events, I still made some progress here and there. Currently, these are all the minis seeing activity and their status:

Sedition Wars: 28 Vanguard troopers, 6 small A.I. Drone Tanks, 2 large A.I. Drone Tanks and 1 Kara in Gnosis Armor - roughly 40% done, up through grey basecoat on armor. Separate bases are about 70% done.

Sedition Wars: 22 various Strain Revenants - about 30% done, up through greyish green flesh tone. 5 Quasimodo - about 40% done, up through violet/pink ("guts") basecoat & highlights. All of these are mounted on bases, so airbrush over-spray set them back just a bit in terms of work completed. That's okay, though; I decided early on to live with hand painting Strain bases, rather than pinning models for painting separately from bases. Having done that with the Vanguard, the time involved seemed to be more than it was worth for 'space zombies'.

Sedition Wars: 4 Scythe Witches, 6 Stalkers, 6 Bone Crabs, 4 Brimstones, 2 Grendlrs and 2 Cthonians - about 20% done, up through highlighting of white over black primer. The Scythe Witches also have some darker violet added to the feet, hands and neck. Small models are based, larger ones are not. Separate bases are about 70% done.

Malifaux: All below are assembled and either on a base or pinned & ready for the base. All models were primed black & highlighted white, plus the long coats of the 2 Gunsmiths are almost done.
Arcanists - Angelica
Arcanists - Mechanical Dove 1 on book
Arcanists - Mechanical Dove 2 on cards
Arcanists - Mechanical Dove 3 on smoke
Arcanists - Coryphee 1 - crouched
Arcanists - Coryphee Duet 1 - crouched
Arcanists - Coryphee 2 - upright
Arcanists - Coryphee Duet 2 - upright
Arcanists - Avatar of Deception 2 - standing
Arcanists - Avatar of Deception 1 - with rabbit
Arcanists - Avatar of Deception 3 - kneeling
Arcanists - Sue
Neverborn - Beckoner 1 - with cane
Neverborn - Beckoner 2 - on stairs

Reaper - Carinth, the Dark Elf priestess that netted third for mfr award at Gen Con, has seen a little progress. Photos have been taken, turned to greyscale and checked to show OSL errors. Liquid mask has been applied to some areas in preparing to airbrush the plinth. (The black paint on the plinth appears inconsistent under good lighting and in photos, plus it took a beating and gained weird purple smudges at Gen Con. So, it needs to be repainted.) Once that is done, I'll remove the mask and concentrate on fixing the OSL, NMM and other problem areas.

So, that's 104 tabletop minis in various stages, all taken just about as far as I can with an airbrush. With one more short airbrush session today, I should be able to snap some quick photos, pack up that station and give the dining room table back to my wife for her Fall sewing projects. Carinth is a contest mini and is a special project as I try to take my skills up another level.


2014-09-22 21.18.13.jpg

SW Strain
2014-09-22 21.26.00.jpg

SW Vanguard
2014-09-22 21.28.44.jpg

SW bases
2014-09-25 20.56.56.jpg

SW Strain Revenants as of today
2014-09-28 14.59.22.jpg

SW Quasimodo and Scythe Witch as of today
2014-09-28 15.03.19.jpg

Updated 29-09-2014 at 02:45 AM by GreyHorde (add snapshots)

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  1. vegascat's Avatar
    Man, you're really cruising along. I really need to learn how to use my airbrush as I'm sure it'd help me a lot as well. I've only managed to finish a six woman squad of Sisters of Battle since last I commented. And they weren't even on my original list! :S
  2. GreyHorde's Avatar
    Oh, yeah, my speed will drop big time now that I've put the airbrush away. In fact, zero paint in nigh on a week. You're ahead of me in actually finishing minis, planned or not. Kudos!