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6MMRPC update - September 21

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After gumming up and cleaning my new airbrush several times over the last couple of weeks, plus nearly a week away from actual painting for travel, I think I finally figured it out and have progress to report.

Last week - avoiding the airbrush, I rattle-can black-primed some Malifaux and Sedition Wars (Strain) models.

Last night - thinned Minitaire white 'airbrush ready' paint way down with distilled water, slow-dri and flow improver. Cranked up the air pressure and set the needle stop to 'barely there'. This combo of settings made for some slow going, but much improved results vs previous attempts. Got the white highlighting done on about 25 minis. Will be starting the next round in just a bit, with the goal of moving to the main colors (grey armor, purple/pink for Strain Revenants, etc.) later today.

Okay, here are a couple of photos of assembled items on my workbench, generally taken around the end of August and first week of September. More to follow after today's big push.

Colette crew plus Sue and Beckoners WIP as of 08-31-2014.jpg

Vanguard assembled as of 08-29-2014.jpg

Strain assembled as of 09-06-201.jpg
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