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Raising the Bar, One Notch at a Time

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Yesterday, I finished the Dark Sword amazon. The result is okay, not great; I suppose that means I may have raised my expectations a bit, however unintentionally. Or maybe the sculpt demanded more precision with larger 'cloth' and skin areas needing smooth blending, smaller details, greenstuff for the hair, etc. Either way, I spent a little too much time on it and started to get slightly tired of working on it, but at least it's finished and off my table.

I also picked Carinth back up, and in between those tasks slapped some Grey Liner on armor areas of 3 men-at-arms and 1 knight, all Grenadier, Julie Guthrie. Well, the knight might be otherwise, but, whatever. They all got some pumice paste to hide the bases, too.

Carinth has a lot of stuff going on with details in the sculpt and OSL, so she may get a new WIP thread. Maybe. I don't want the photos and posts to distract from painting or make it feel like 'work' again. On the other hand, I could probably use some feedback on some of the challenges I've set for myself on this piece.

Hmmm...decisions, decisions...
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    I find that its rare you can spend too much time on a mini, too little maybe. That is of course in terms of artisitc time rather than overusing precious spare time!
  2. waghorn41's Avatar
    Looking forward to seeing these minis. As DL says you can spend too little time but then I think you can spend too much time by trying to improve something which you just don't seem able to - and risk ruining what you've already achieved. But hey, DL's the expert, I'm just wag...
  3. GreyHorde's Avatar
    Somehow, after bouncing around indecisively for some months, Carinth was finished in June or July and made the trip to Gen Con. Placed 3rd in Reaper manufacturer awards. I asked several friends, excellent painters, all, for critique and suggestions. As a result, Carinth is now back on my workbench, waiting for 'upgrades'. I will try to post pics before and after. The plan is that I do not get to call it done, but rather keep tweaking until they call out "don't change a thing".