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Boris' Ramblings

The May Challenge

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I started my WIP thread with some general blurb and then thought - why not just start a blog for this kind of thing, and keep the WIP about the mini - so here's my blog.

Yesterday, I emptied my blister boxes looking for something to paint for the May SI challenge: Road Warrior, but I couldn't find anything suitable. I did however decide what to paint up for Euro Militaire - as we're hoping to go in September for the first time.
I chose my Urban Mammoth dude, that I bought for last year's WAMP comp, and never got further than a little bit of pinning (thanks to Dark Messiah!). He's a big guy, with a little guy on his shoulders in a Mad Max beyond the Thunderdome style; this is going to be my sci-fi entry.

I also chose a fantasy entry, Eureka miniatures frog on frog. I'm sure this is not the correct title, but it's pretty descriptive. There's a little frog, I think a tree frog with a weapon, riding on a large frog or toad. It's pretty cute and fun, and I thought I could really go to town on the base - and use some vibrant colours that I really like.

So, happy with these choices, but not in the mood to start competition entries I thought I'd better find something to paint at today's SI session. At the Derby show last October I spent too long chatting to Kev, and ended up with some HF minis :) I painted up the tavern dwarf for LA, but I still had Heyu left, which is a fun mini. I also had Baby Death that Jay got free when he went shopping at Triples (lots of SI members have Baby Death too, so you can see where they spent their Triples shopping money).

As I really enjoyed the Dwarf tavern patron (my first HF mini) I thought these might be a fun break before tackling a serious project - and I was right!

I cleaned them both up yesterday evening - my fav part of mini prep is making them shine with my wire brush. I thought why not try out my new acrylic painting stand that I bought at Triples from Oshiro? The chap had told me to use PVA glue to hold the minis onto the plinth, and despite my reservations of this actually working I gave it a go. (First I cut the tab off the mini to make it flat underneath).
Just one squeeze of the PVA tube was a little too much, but as I couldn't be bothered to clean it off, I just plonked the mini into the middle of the blob, and a few hours later it had stuck firm.

I can safely hold the plinth upside down, just as when I use superglue on my wooden blocks (my usual way of painting).

I spent today's session working on Heyu and I have to say I'm actually finding the plinth works well. It's much more comfortable that I expected and it's a good height - a little taller even than my usual blocks. With the small area the mini is glued too - I'm not stretching across the block width to get to it, so I think it works really well for something this size.

Heyu has proved to be a joy to paint, as simple and effort free as the dwarf - and I think I'm turning into a HF fan.

So that's it for my first post - I'm not sure how regular they'll be, but I'll try and keep my WAMP ramblings to here to at least keep the other threads clean ;)

links: - the place for the painting plinth - the place for Heyu - the place for the competition - the place for the frog on frog - the place for my WIP
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  1. exilesjjb's Avatar
    look forward to seeing you Euromilitare stuff develope.