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Dalsgaard’s Mini Corner

First post

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I decided it was time to make a WAMP blog to have a place to put some of my ramblings, that don’t really fit in my WIP thread, such as.. well, I am not quite sure yet.

I guess the first couple of posts will be some tips on miniature photography, which will also go into the Minipainting Wiki, but by also posting them here, you will have a chance to comment and ask questions or suggest changes/clarifications.

I am in no way a professional photographer, but I do have a fairly good grasp on the basics. I am well aware, that there are plenty of tutorials on mini photography around, but since there are also plenty of questions, It probably won’t hurt to do a few more.

If there are any particular questions you have about photography or areas you feel should be covered first, feel free to let me know.
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    Welcome to the Blogosphere!
  2. S_Dalsgaard's Avatar
    Thanks mate :-)
  3. Jona's Avatar
    Ooh, very much looking forward to this. Even though there's probably a lot to be found on photography, it will sure be handy to see it concentrated in this blog. And the possibility to ask questions is much appreciated.
  4. S_Dalsgaard's Avatar
    That was what I figured as well :-)
  5. vegascat's Avatar
    Photographing my models is the bane of my existence. Its frustrating when you finish a model and want to take good pictures of it and it just never seems to work out. :S

    I'm looking forward to reading our articles/posts!